iOS Software Engineer

New York, NY, U.S.A.

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Worry Free Labs is looking for a highly experienced iOS Software Engineer to work in our NYC office. Work with a leading team of User Experience and Interface Designers making our mark with notable clients such as Disney, American Express, Bank of America and others.


  • Solid understanding of OOP principles and MVC paradigm
  • Solid experience with SQLite and SQL in general
  • Excellent coding and testing skills in Objective C
  • Solid understanding of user interaction concept differences between iPad and iPhone versions of iOS
  • Solid portfolio of iOS apps
  • Experience with version control: Git, and/or Mercurial
  • Experience working in small teams
  • Excellent communication, teamwork & problem solving skills
  • Perhaps most importantly a desire to learn, humility and a cheerful disposition
  • Competitive Salary
  • iPad Retina
  • iPad Mini
  • iPhone 5
  • 27" SSD / 16GB iMac (the new thin one!)
  • Aeron Chair
  • Paid Vacation
  • Health and Dental Benefits
  • A cookie

How to Apply

Send resume and cover letter to