Interactive/Front-end web developer at demodern

Cologne, GERMANY

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demodern is an independent design agency in Cologne, Germany founded in 2008. We create innovative communications for the digital age. As a design agency, we do not only restrict ourselves to creative design, but take an end-to-end view of our projects, taking care of them from the strategic planning to the perfect implementation.

We are looking for talented individual to join our crew, he/she should bring along the following:

  • Idea-driven and Problem-solving skills. 
  • Extensive knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and cross browser/device implementations. 
  • Experience about the new techniques in HTML5 and CSS3 as well as gracefully degradation. 
  • Passion and follow through for their work. 
  • Excited and curious about learning new technology, as well as the sharing of ideas and collaborating. 
  • Able to work in a team but also take the lead on a project from idea to deployment. 
  • Ability to communicate with clients in non-geekish.

How to Apply

Sent over an e-mail to with your resume as well as some projects you have created which you are proud off. We are looking forward hearing from you.