Interactive Developer

Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

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CP+B is sometimes considered an Advertising Agency. But we don’t just make ads. Our primary mission is to make our clients famous in whatever medium we can. We are a company composed of creatives, designers, producers, strategists, developers and misfits spread across five offices: Boulder, Los Angeles, Miami, London and Sweden. 

Our culture rewards initiative and doesn’t fear risk. This spirit of invention extends to our point of view on technology. We are constantly searching for new ways to leverage emerging technologies to tell brand stories for our clients. 

As a result, few other workplaces will expose you to a broader variety of technologies. We work in web, native mobile, social media, digital out-of-home, and physical computing. If you’re a learner, a hacker, a maker or just plain thirsty to do more we have a lot to offer you.

An Interactive Developer at CP+B works within collaboration with cross-disciplinary teams including producers, user experience designers, and creatives to create complex web sites and applications. Developers are expected to work independently to solve problems in our projects through a combination of ingenuity, tenacity and experience.


  • Develop rock-solid, highly accurate experiences
  • Write code that works across a wide range of devices
  • Curiosity for new tools, techniques, and processes to streamline workflow
  • Collaborate, prototype, iterate
  • Work collaboratively with Producers, UX, Devs, and QA team

The ideal candidate can/has:

  • (required) HTML, CSS, Javascript,
  • (preferred) .NET, PHP, and/or Node.js
  • Excellent coding skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • 2-5 years of software development experience
  • Strong experience working as part of teams
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to learn new technologies

CP+B is a fast-paced environment that works with a broad variety of technologies and project types. It’s the right cultural fit for a developer with a strong drive to learn.

How to Apply

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