Illustrator design hacker

anywhere, BELGIUM

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illustrio is looking for an Illustrator/design hacker.

If you’re a superstar freelance designer and coding nut, we need you! With us, you’ll get to create an illustrated series in your own beloved style and then customize it with our SVG styling language.

Not only that, but you’ll also get to work with us, which is awesome because we’re a bunch of design addicts located all over the world!

If you want to bring your illustrations to the next level, check out the job specifics below and apply if you’re interested.

As one of our designers, you will:

  • Create stunning illustrations for business presentations.
  • Define clear graphical guidelines for your illustration series.
  • Ensure that the .svg vector exports are clean and pixel-perfect.
  • Add CSS-type styling language to scalable vector graphics.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Can use Adobe Illustrator like a pro.
  • Is tech-savvy and sees the Internet as a playground.
  • Has basic knowledge of CSS, SASS, and XML.
  • Is a visionary full of unique business presentation ideas

***If you have any questions about the role, contact***

How to Apply

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