Frontend Developer Job Amsterdam - EXPATS are Welcome! (45-55K)


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Frontend Developer (Senior/Experienced)

Frontend Developer, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Strict Mode Javascript, Tested Code, Unit Testing, Jslnt, Jshint, Jasmine, Selenium, Grunt

Are you a frontend developer with the ability to solve complex technical problems?


If you do then this will be a dream job for you. As a frontend developer you will be challenged more than you ever at this company. We are looking for a frontend developer / web developer to have solid code experience. We would like you to care a lot about pixel perfection, but we can teach you that bit.

A typical project will involve working with a complete team of frontend developers, designers and backend developers. The frontend developer team in the office is made up of 3 people, but you will have the support from other offices in the world. You will have contact with a client (if you want) and are working to deadlines to deliver the most awesome experiences for the users

We are talking about millions of potential users around the world that want to be blown away by the speed, visuals and vision of your work

If you have a portfolio of projects or code to show would be great to send that through too

EXPATS are welcome! Willing to relocate to Amsterdam?

You will get the chance to join an award-winning company, pushing your career the ultimate level!


An all-round web developer with solid javascript experience and passion for design is what we want. If you know how to code well, document your work, analyse it, TEST it, measure it and automate, then this really is a company for you!

Front-end Developer Recruitment – thefrontendlab

  • Currently we have 30+ Clients looking for a frontend developer.
  • 20 frontend developer opportunities are undiscovered because our clients ONLY ask us to recruit for them.
  • In the last 6 month we have made 20 front-end developers happy with a new job.

How to Apply

Contact Grit Rudinger: / +31 20 894 3301