Front-End Web Developer For 3-4 Month Contract Gig

Brooklyn, U.S.A.

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Hi, we’re Madwell, a tiny giant marketing agency in Brooklyn. and we’re looking for an expert level front-end developer.

If you think that describes you, ask yourself these brief questions:

  • Are you a robot or a vampire?
  • Do you excel at, or dream of excelling at, ping pong?
  • Do you enjoy open spaces with communal music and television screens playing “films” with names like Kitten Playtime on loop?
  • Will you not sleep until you’ve solved a problem, and helped perfect its execution?
  • Do you enjoy educating and being educated by colleagues?
  • Would you look down on someone with a sixth toe?
  • Do you find yourself obsessed with learning new techniques and approaches, mastering them until you can fluidly create digital experiences which haven’t been done (or at least done well) before? (yeah, this question isn’t that brief)
  • Do you like bad movies because you see their hidden greatness?
  • Do you have trouble seeing the simple beauty in a damn fine cup of coffee?
  • Do you know how to leave your ego in the hallway?
  • Do you live and breath code, understand visual design from a code-implementation standpoint, and take the same pride in your work as a master sculptor?

If your answers to the above were no, yes, probably, yes, yes, no, absolutely, yes, no, for sure, and without a doubt, this might be the place for you. Our immediate needs are to tackle a large website overhaul for a national brand on a contract basis, but our hope is that this evolves into a longterm relationship and/or full-time salaried position. You’d be working with our in-house designers and tech team to ensure solid, beautiful code is written from day one, and that generally the design comes to life even more beautifully than we hoped. Work at our offices is preferred but not required.

However, these skills are required:

  • Expert level familiarity with HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery, and jQuery UI
  • Keen ability to visualize interactions of creative through code-based solutions
  • Experience coding fully object-oriented JavaScript
  • Experience working with code repositories (SVN, Git) and on projects with multiple developers
  • Experience slicing layered design files into cross-browser, cross-device compatible websites
  • Experience creating a responsive layout and using CSS media queries
  • Experience coding websites with support for gestures on touch-enabled devices
  • Experience coding parallax and scroll-driven effects
  • Experience coding cross-email client compatible templates (table-based)
And these skills are a plus:
  • jQueryMobile
  • jQueryMobile UI
  • Backbone.js
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Theming WordPress
  • Theming Magento, Shopify, or other eCommerce platforms
Compensation commiserate with experience.

How to Apply

Please submit your resume and samples of your work to