Front-End Developer/Designer


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We are NEVERBLAND - one of Europe’s most exciting young digital studios and we want to change the world, one pixel (em?) at a time. We are driven by a passion to work with the best clients, on the best projects and to do that we guessed it— the best team.

As part of our front end technical team your days will be filled developing engaging interactive products that people will love. You’ll have an eye for the finest details, know your LESS from your SASS and will be as happy diving into well-documented code as you are developing your own.

Knowing tech like you do, you’re excited by the future of the web and what possibilities lie ahead with advances in technologies like Canvas, webGL and SVG. You’re well versed in available front end frameworks and technologies, but can make calculated decisions about what to use based on the project at hand.

You get excited by new techniques and the nitty gritty of how people are using CSS3 animations to delight the user with next level user experience.

You’ll also relish working as part of a team– supporting the studio and simultaneously managing relationships with your colleagues and clients.

Specifically, our perfect candidate will possess the following skillset:

  • Extremely strong front-end skills, specifically HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery.

  • Proficiency with responsive/adaptive design techniques

  • Ability to bring a design to life with rich interactions, and animations using CSS3

  • Experience using/knowledge of technologies such as Backbone.JS, PHP, AJAX etc.

  • Understanding of CSS preprocessors; think LESS, SASS or Stylus.

  • Excellent understanding of cross-browser and cross-platform issues (say bye bye to IE6 though).

  • Ability to complete and juggle multiple projects and responsibilities while meeting strict deadlines (and having fun while doing it).

  • Basic understanding of SEO best practices.

  • Experience with version control tools and working alongside other developers.

If this sounds like the kind of team you want to be a part of, the chances are we want to hear from you. We’ll judge every candidate on their individual merits and we’ll take outstanding talent over experience every time. If you have any questions just drop us a line, otherwise please apply below with the following:

  • Write us an application note explaining why you think you're a great fit for the role.

  • Send us your LinkedIn profile if you have a reasonably complete one, or send us some references.

  • Briefly talk us through some projects you've been involved with.

How to Apply

To apply, just click here: