Front End Developer

Chicago, IL, U.S.A.

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We are seeking a couple of web standards passionate front-end developers in Chicago. Looking for a short to long-term relationship (contract to hire). We will feed you thai and cepelinai on Fridays, send you to industry events, and entertain you many-a-time through the year!

You must live and breathe HTML/CSS/JavaScript. We are going to ask you about the blogs you read, and then quiz you on the topics of said blogs. Ok, perhaps we won't, but we're not just looking for someone who can write HTML. This is about web standards, making the web a better place, and being passionate about user experiences.

It is also beneficial if you have some basic design / UX knowledge as the position is tied closely to a creative team which will supply all the designs for you to code up.

Specific Tasks:

  • Cut up Photoshop and Illustrator design files;
  • Implement designs via HTML4/HTML5, CSS3, etc.
  • Work with creative team to fill in gaps;
  • Create working prototypes for clients and be able to walk through them;
  • Work closely with the development team and provide UI assistance;

You should have at least 3:

  • Good knowledge of HTML4/HTML5, semantic markup, web standards
  • Good knowledge of CSS2/CSS3
  • Able to create gracefully degrading markup that will work across multiple browsers and platforms
  • Comfortable writing JavaScript from scratch (not just including jQuery plugins on the page)
  • Rudimentary design skills are a plus
  • Working knowledge of Adobe CS to cut illustrator/photoshop files into web ready graphics

Education requirements:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a technical position.

How to Apply

Please send portfolio and resume to