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  • Resn

    Freelance Developers - Javascript and/or CSS

    Resn New Zealand - Wellington

    Resn is looking for Freelance Developers - Javascript and/or CSS. What sets you apart is your ability to make the front end come to life through code driven animations, transitions and little touches of class. You have a keen visual eye and understan... read more

    Programming Freelance
  • Stink Digital

    Senior Frontend Developer

    Stink Digital U.S.A. - London

    Stink Digital is looking for a Senior Frontend Developer. Stink Digital's client is a major telecomms company with a highly recognisable brand portfolio. Working on a brand campaign, they are developing an immersive interactive digital expe... read more

    Programming Freelance
  • Peak Digital

    Remote Front-end developers (part-time)

    Peak Digital Canada - Vancouver

    Peak Digital is looking for Remote Front-end developers.  About Peak Digital Peak Digital is a small growing digital marketing and design company who needs freelance front-end developers for their team. Candidates must be proactive, hard-worki... read more

    Programming Freelance
  • Wildebeest

    Creative Full-Stack Developer

    Wildebeest U.S.A. - Marina del Rey

    Wildebeest is looking for a Creative Full-Stack Developer. Wildebeest is a new dev shop on the beach and growing rapidly. They're looking for the right person to join their versatile group. Their small team is made up entirely of developers and... read more

    Programming Freelance