Awwwards - Jobs Latests jobs Sun, 05 Jul 2015 08:34:03 +0200 <![CDATA[Front End Developer]]> Do you want to design something that makes developers' lives better?

Pusher is all about helping developers, and our website is key to our success. It needs to be thoughtfully designed, simple and fast. We’re looking for a designer-developer who believes that design can make a meaningful difference and cares about how it is implemented.

You will be ensuring that Pusher looks awesome, and has equally awesome code.

Day to Day

You will be part of a cross-functional team including a designer, a marketer, a Scrum Master and developer evangelists. After the daily morning stand-up you will be working on building new interfaces and pages for our dashboard and website with our designer. In between, you will probably play with the office dog (Lemon The Corgi) and talk about the latest TV shows, memes or trends in the developer world.

After the break, you will be collaborating with the designer to create responsive, fast and cross-browser interfaces used by thousands of developers. We run in an Agile environment so you will also take part in planning, retrospective and demo meetings with your team and sometimes other parts of the business.

The Ideal Candidate


  • * 2-3 years professional experience
  • * Proficiency in JavaScript, HTML & CSS
  • * User of SCSS/Stylus/LESS. 
    * Keen eye for Design
  • * Experience with one or many of: ES2015 / TypeScript / CoffeeScript / Babel (and you probably have an opinion and a preference on each) 
  • * Experience with one or many frameworks like Angular / Ember / React / Backbone 
  • * Familiar with concepts like BEM/OOCSS/Atomic or similar 
  • * Fast and willing to adopt new tools/frameworks/languages 
  • * Hunger to learn 
  • * Experience in working closely with designers 
  • * Passion for great user experiences 
  • * Working in an Agile team using Git(Hub) with pull requests and code reviews 
  • * Sense of humour and egoless ownership of projects


  • * Active Github account / open source contributions 
  • * An interest or experience in public speaking and blogging
  • * Used Pusher in a project
  • * Experience in Ruby on Rails
  • * Great SEO-knowledge 
  • * CI / Git flow experience 
  • * Experience in D3.js / three.js

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<![CDATA[Creative javascript developer]]> dpdk is looking for a creative javascript developer to join our team. You will take part in developing small and large websites, applications, games and more.

Together we will push the frontier of what is possible online. Your technical and creative input will play a vital part in delivering innovative products for our clients.

At dpdk we create and develop high-end digital productions for various (inter)national clients and renowned advertising agencies.

Are you passionate about digital media and would you like to be part of a flexible team in a professional and easy-going company? Then apply now and let us know how you can reinforce our crew.


  • you like to experiment and find new ways to combine web technologies
  • you can turn an idea into a prototype
  • you can turn lines of code into beautiful pixels
  • the code you write performs well, and can be understood by humans
  • you are proficient with canvas and WebGL, directly or through libraries
  • you can navigate the differences between the browsers and devices to get the most out of each system
  • you have experience developing single page web applications
  • you are up to date on html, css and svg browser capabilities
  • you confidently wield the power of JavaScript
  • you know how to setup a render loop, and make it run at 60 FPS
  • you work well in an interdisciplinary team
  • you can discuss asset pipelines with designers
  • you pay attention to detail and have a high standard of quality
  • you can provide technical and conceptual input throughout the development process
  • you know when to ease in and when to ease out
  • you are at least pretty good at linear algebra and trigonometry
  • you experience joy when browser X implements feature Y
  • you can retrieve an element from the DOM without resorting to jQuery

extra skills

  • you have worked with Flash/ActionScript, Processing, OpenFrameworks or similar platforms
  • you have experience developing native apps for Android and/or iOS
  • you have experience with game development and game design
  • you have worked with/on physics engines
  • you have experience with AGILE development
  • you use version control, preferably GIT
  • you have made an effort to streamline your development workflow

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<![CDATA[Director of Experience Design]]>

Mondo Robot is looking for a Director of Experience Design.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Mondo Robot is a multidisciplinary team of digital artisans that bring together passion, collaboration, and creativity to create high-concept digital solutions that are innovative, engaging, and results-driven. We rock websites, games, strategy, bikes, motion, tequila, video, code, logos, tacos, mobile, music, new identities, IPA’s and sweet Colorado pow. Not to mention, we’re a hell of a lot of fun to work with.

We are looking to fill the Director of Experience Design role. You are passionate about user experience and the value it creates. Responsible for the development of innovative customer experiences across a wide variety of channels and devices. Lead user experience activities on key projects and initiatives. The Director of Experience Design will collaborate with multi disciplinary teams to create innovative experiences for clients. Naturally adaptive and agile, you will apply the latest user experience design techniques and approaches to create prototypes and solutions.


  • A minimum of 6-8 years in Interaction Design / Web Design
  • Lead, manage and mentor a team of 4-6 UX Designers
  • Experienced with both content-driven applications and task-oriented, experimental web sites; as well as across multiple platforms including mobile and touch-based interfaces
  • Understand the challenges inherent in the interactive marketing and design field You enjoy a diverse range of design activities and disciplines
  • You have a strong attention to detail
  • Present user experience recommendations in a concise, compelling and well-articulated way
  • Lead the implementation of user experience recommendations, solutions and ensure client expectations are met
  • Proficiency in process modeling using information design tools (Adobe Creative Suite, Omnigraffle, etc.)
  • Solid understanding of HTML and responsive design
  • Understanding of classic information architecture, content strategy, user experience and usability experience
  • Understanding of advanced user centered design techniques (rapid prototyping, remote testing etc.) to improve efficiency in the user experience process and the quality of the solution
  • Scope and identify design requirements
  • Develop interactivity/process flow and site maps
  • Understanding of user experience- solutions for multiple locales while considering: cultural sensitivities, componentization of solution for market rollout, language and script requirements

Mondo Robot is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). We strongly support diversity in the workforce.

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<![CDATA[Senior Interaction Designer]]> Mondo Robot is looking for a Senior Interaction Designer.

Based in Boulder, Colorado Mondo Robot is a multidisciplinary team of digital artisans that bring together passion, collaboration, and creativity to create high-concept digital solutions that are innovative, engaging, and results-driven. We rock websites, games, strategy, bikes, motion, tequila, video, code, logos, tacos, mobile, music, new identities, IPA’s and sweet Colorado pow. Not to mention, we’re a hell of a lot of fun to work with.

Our Senior Interaction Designers are deeply committed to making sure the work we produce is useable, intuitive and intelligent. They develop information architecture for a variety of digital products, for a varied set of clients and varied kinds of media. Our Senior Interaction Designers don’t just have the experience and skills necessary to ensure a great product—they have the ability to lead those on their teams to create better, more forward-thinking work. We need someone ready to lead research and strategy, information architecture, and interaction design to create superb user experiences. 

Furthermore, the Senior Interaction Designer must be a great communicator both verbally and in writing, a tactful diplomat, a problem solver, a thinker and an analyzer with the ability to understand and respond to user needs. You will help create innovations that tie all digital touch-points together to form solutions based on user behavior.

Mondo Robot is also a highly collaborative environment, and we need someone who is excited to work as part of a team to create mind-blowing work. Senior Interaction Designers also effectively communicate research findings, conceptual ideas and detailed design rationale both verbally and visually to our clients. They participate in user testing, build wireframes and functional prototypes, and more, keeping an eye on overall goals while getting their hands dirty at the same time.


  • A very strong background with at least 3+ years of user interface design experience. In addition, a strong knowledge of user interface design processes and methodology
  • Work with Producers and the Director of UX on project scopes, with specific responsibility for creating the UX process work plan against client needs
  • Experience using web analytics data to inform design decisions—must have an intermediate understanding of major web analytics packages and SEO strategies
  • A sharp eye for detail and highly developed organizational skills, including the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
  • An ability to collaborate. You should be excited to work with other designers and developers to envision and iterate concepts
  • Manage and mentor junior to mid level UX designers.
  • An advanced proficiency with design and prototyping tools such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Omnigraffle

Mondo Robot is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). We strongly support diversity in the workforce.

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<![CDATA[Digital artist]]> The Mobile Company is looking for Digital artist.

The Mobile Company is one of the leading mobile development agencies in The Netherlands, working for A-brand customers like ANWB, ABN Amro, Ohra, Staatsloterij, Telegraaf, XS4ALL and many more. Our designers don’t just build apps. They are artists and their mission is to make every project their greatest work ever, a work of outstanding creativity that shows unparalleled skills, strong usability and passion for what they do.


  • You have 2 or 3 years experience and you are passionate
  • You are able to inspire and challenge people
  • You are self-motivated, and you live and breath design
  • You motivate your decisions and effortlessly deliver a user-centered design

Because we only believe in good design, whatever your degree is, what we value first is your strong portfolio. Yes, really.

What we offer:

Being a designer at The Mobile Company allows you to work in an experienced design team and lets you evolve: we are driven by new technology that is always source of renewal. We offer good working conditions, interesting bonus scheme and a prime location in the heart of Amsterdam. Your hard work will be rewarded by an excellent lunches, cosy get-togethers and corporate events. We offer a competitive salary based on a 40-hour work week. We are curious about your motivation and background. Apply now and amaze us.

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<![CDATA[Front End Developer]]> Jam3 is looking for Front End Developer.

At Jam3, a Front End Developer is responsible for developing web pages and application views for any resolution. We are looking for developers who aren’t afraid to push the limits of what can be done with code while collaborating with other developers to do the same. We need people who love exploring new methods and techniques and live to take development to a new level. In short, we need developers who can bring awesome designs to life.

Essential Functions:

  • Understands technical and functional design requirements Understanding of JavaScript and DOM manipulation (without the use of a library)
  • Solid HTML5 & CSS3 Skills
  • A solid understanding of object-oriented design and programming principles
  • Familiar with responsible design layout and programming
  • Understands the necessity of and contributes to coding standards Identifies system deficiencies and recommends solutions
  • Seeks the assistance of senior team members to tackle personal assignments when required
  • Prioritizes multiple tasks efficiently
  • Post-mortem documentation of technical development (ie. Summary of hours and development difficulties)
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
  • Eager to learn! Be an ambassador of Jam3 in and out of the office


  • Detail oriented and passionate about your craft
  • High level knowledge of HTML, the DOM, CSS, responsive design and superior knowledge of browser compatibility issues

Education/Experience Required:

  • A degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or other related subject desirable
  • 3+ years of experience of Javascript/CSS/HTML5/XML
  • Experience with server-client communication (REST, SOAP etc.) is an asset
  • Proven track record working in a team environment, embedded and/or remotely
  • High level knowledge of HTML, the DOM, CSS, responsive design and superior knowledge of browser compatibility issues
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<![CDATA[Front End Developer]]> Elespacio is looking for a Front End Developer.

Are you a passionate web developer with a proven ability in solving problems and bringing the web to life? We’re looking for someone to grow our development team at our Barcelona office. You will have extensive commercial experience, a great portfolio demonstrating your abilities, passion and desire to push technological boundaries.


  • Fluency in the core JavaScript language, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Familiarity with server-side technologies like PHP or Node.js and basic knowledge of database software
  • Proficiency in developing scalable web applications
  • Experience with technical consulting on client projects (requirements gathering, defining scope and liaising with staff at all levels of a client organisation)
  • The ability to communicate best practices and feedback to members of the creative team, client services, strategy, technology, UX, producers and other 3rd party individuals
  • Understanding Agile methodologies
  • 3 years of relevant professional experience in a role such as, software developer or technical consultant

Desirable skills:

  • Writing clean and SEO friendly markup
  • Experience in working with popular CMS systems like WordPress, Magento, etc.
  • Mastering coded animations or ActionScript development background

Company description:

Elespacio is a digital boutique agency, specialising in service design and online advertising. If you are looking for a place where you can grow your talent, surrounded by a group of UX strategists, visual designers, technologists and producers, drop us a line. 

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<![CDATA[Front-End Developer]]> Boxhead is looking for a Front-End Developer.

Boxhead is a design and development studio with a creative and strategic understanding of all things brand. We are known for designing articulate, succinctly developed websites and integrated branding.... Delivering effective projects that our clients love since 2010.

There is an opportunity for a talented front-end developer to work with an ambitious design and development team focused on producing beautiful and effective websites for a wide range of clients. This role is perfect for a junior front-end developer who is ready to step into a role with more responsibility and the opportunity for closer project involvement and collaboration.

You will work directly with the technical director (Matt Jones) and creative director (David Sorley) as well as our wider team. You must have a strong eye for design detail and be in your absolute element swimming in code. You must be able to hold your own in regular project meeting

Please see website for full job description.

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<![CDATA[Senior Front-End Developer]]>

Platinum Seed is looking for a Senior Front-End Developer.

Platinum Seed designs digital products, services and experiences that connect consumers and brands in new ways and help businesses better navigate their industry in a digital world that is always connected.

At Platinum Seed, we believe that technology is able to change the way people think, behave, and communicate. By uncovering users’ needs and combining these insights with strategy, design, content, and technology, we produce relevant and functional experiences that enrich people's lives and help companies deepen the relationships with their customers.


  • You have a keen eye for motion and are passionate about interactive development and bringing interfaces to life with code driven concepts and animation
  • You are interested in pushing boundaries, tinkering with and researching new technologies, and creating top class work with a high level of polish
  • You look at new ways of using popular API’s to deliver unique experiences
  • You are also technically minded and are focused on optimising front end code for performance and are mindful of the limitations of browsers and devices
  • You will be expected to execute work with extreme attention to detail to layout and typography
  • You also have the ability to clearly communicate your concepts and solutions to people who do not have technical experience


  • Javascript, Version Control, CSS/SASS, HTML

  • Knowledge of HTML5 (new semantics and JavaScript APIs, CSS3, WebGL, etc)

  • Experience in building non-trivial javascript applications

  • Grunt

  • Familiar with PHP

  • Integrating front end code with a server side API (REST)

  • Excellent animation skills (CSS animations, SVG animations, canvas, WebGL)

  • Strive to write clean, maintainable code

  • Strong knowledge of progressive enhancement and responsive design principles

  • Working well in a collaborative environment

  • Experience with front-end performance optimization

  • A solid portfolio demonstrating your skills


  • Creative background

  • Experience in motion graphics

  • Understanding of SEO best practices

  • iOS and Android development experience

  • Experience in javascript frameworks such as Angular or Ember

  • Experience with visual rendering libraries such as Three JS, Paper JS, D3 or similar

  • 3D animation for web

  • Online tech demo’s and experiments

  • Contributor to Open Source projects 

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<![CDATA[Interactive Art Director]]> Corporate Reports is looking for an Art Director.

Corporate Reports is seeking an Art Director with an interest in working on large online Sustainability Reports, Annual Reports and their print counterparts. The ideal candidate has a background in web design or graphic design, creativity, a good work ethic, the ability to communicate effectively and understand responsive design. This role will be 80% interactive/20% print.


  • Develop creative concepts for new online Annual Report and Sustainability Reports and make sure they meet the artistic and business goals of the brand and project
  • Create designs that can quickly and efficiently be developed into functional responsive interactive reports Convert print reports into interactive experiences
  • Work with the team to ensure that design integrity is maintained throughout the entire project


  • 5+ years of industry experience Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design STRONGLY preferred
  • Must be proficient with MacOSX, Adobe CreativeSuite
  • Though writing code is not part of the job a working knowledge of CSS and HTML is a definite plus
  • Proven ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects within processes and meet deadlines
  • Strong team player but must also be self-reliant with enthusiasm, positive attitude and the willingness to do what it takes tog et the job done, which may include extended hours when necessary to meet deadlines
  • Flexible and adaptable – especially when things are busy! We are a fluid environment
  • Exceptional design skills with an eye for consistency, strong layout skills and design sensibilities
  • Detail-oriented with excellent time management and problem solving skills, initiative and attention-to-detail
  • Experience managing photo shoots
  • Must possess an appreciation for the balance between designing within client brand standards, while also pushing the creative envelope
  • Can professionally take redirection
  • Able to clearly communicate your vision with others on the team (programmers/production artists/AE’s)
  • Willingness to learn and grow in both the print and interactive realm
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<![CDATA[Développeurs Front]]> RAPP France recrute des développeurs front talentueux et motivés!

Vous recherchez une opportunité de travailler sur des problématiques digitales diverses pour de grands comptes.

Vous intégrerez une équipe digitale expérimentée pour participer à la réalisation des productions de l'agences avec un fort enjeu sur le travail collaboratif, l’innovation et les valeurs clés de l’agile (équipe, transparence, adaptation).

Le poste:

• Mener le développement front des projets dans le respect des plannings et de l’exigence qualité.

• Optimiser en permanence les livrables durant les phases de recette.

• Contribuer à la R&D: veille, tests, expérimentations multi-supports. • Participer à l’innovation créative de l’agence. • Monter en compétence sur des technologies innovantes, front ou back.

Profil requis:

• Minimum de 2 ans d’expérience en agence ou en freelance.

• Excellente maîtrise du JavaScript, vous présentez des travaux sur les frameworks : Backbone, Angular ou KnockOutJS…

• Maîtrise de l’intégration web HTML5/CSS3 (responsive, adaptative, SEO ou accessibilité) • Vous recherchez le pixel perfect

• La maitrise des canvas ou du webGL est un plus (Pixi.js, three.js)

• Une expérience sur Node.js/ est un plus.

• Vous êtes passionné d’innovation, de création & développement digital

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<![CDATA[Senior Art Director]]> Sub Rosa is looking for a Senior Art Director.

Sub Rosa seeks a Sr Art Director who will serve as the creative lead on several projects at once with only high-level oversight from the Design Director. They will interact daily with our larger team of art directors, graphic designers, spatial designers, strategists and producers to understand the requirements and possibilities of the design challenge.


  • Formulate design concepts and presentation approaches based on audience, brief and agency standards.
  • Keen eye for process and creative project management.
  • Confer with project-relevant department heads to discuss client requirements and presentation concepts, and to track creative deliverables coordinating the activities of junior designers working below them.
  • Positively and proactively contribute to, if not initiate, ongoing internal department projects with an eye toward improved efficiency, communication and work product.
  • Daily responsibilities include but are not limited to art direction for print/digital graphics, identity and layout design, environment, interactive/UI, photography, illustration, animation and video content.


  • Advanced conceptual thinking and extraordinary attention to detail
  • Deep rooted understanding of the design techniques, tools and principles involved in the production of high quality visual output
  • Super strong typography skills; INDD pro
  • Exceptional interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills
  • Comfortable taking the lead in client presentations
  • Must be able to creatively ideate both with a team and independently, and seek to develop these skills in those around them
  • Strong ability to prioritize tasks and work both independently as well as part of a team
  • Should have a well-developed knowledge of the business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation and the coordination of junior team members
  • Must proactively seek to contribute to internal process improvement and act as practical and inspirational mentor to junior team members
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<![CDATA[Web/ Visual Designer]]> Conversocial is looking for a Web/ Visual Designer.

Are you an amazing designer who wants a chance to lead visual design at one of the UK´s leading enterprise start-ups?We are a B2B SaaS company with two products, one used in major contact centres to deliver customer service through social media; the other a mobile application enabling peer-peer support from brand advocates. We love building great software that our users love to use. Our users spend 130 hours a month using what we design and build - more than the average 90 hours spent on a smartphone. This means we have a huge opportunity to make jobs more enjoyable through well-designed software.


  • Responsible for the creation of all online visual design of our products, including typography and iconography, across both desktop and mobile
  • Ensuring that the visual design communicates the desired message
  • Collaboration across the Product and Engineering teams


  • Minimum of 5 years experience as a visual/graphic/web designer in web-related technologies
  • Can demonstrate and provide examples of team work in a process-driven environment, with a 'test and iterate' mindset
  • Comfortable working with specifications, wireframes and prototypes
  • Articulate in communicating design ideas and the flow from user research to design decision
  • Strong creative mind with an interest in design and a detailed understanding of internet technologies
  • Strong technical knowledge of HTML and CSS with experience in web layout, colour theory and typography
  • Knowledge of user interface and interaction design
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<![CDATA[Web Designer / Front-End Developer]]> CNN is looking for a Web Designer / Front-End Developer.

CNN's brand-new Brand Studio is looking for a full time, New York City-based Web Developer / Interaction Designer to help build out a best-in-class custom content capability. The person who lands this job will have an immense opportunity to help pitch and produce great branded content that will be distributed on an unparalleled scale. The Studio works with a Who's Who of blue chip brands that all have meaningful media budgets. The goal is to produce relevant work that will be of real interest to the CNN audience; a network available to more than 2 billion people in more than 200 countries and territories, spanning TV, Web, Snapchat, Social Media, Airports and Mobile Devices.

You bridge the worlds of Graphic Design and Web Development. You are a veteran when it comes to laying out and building compelling multimedia stories. Your work proves that stylish web experiences can really help tell a memorable story. You tend to loathe templates. If the right solution doesn't exist, you re not above designing it and building it yourself. You've successfully applied interaction design, motion design, and user experience thinking to bring your designs to life. You're comfortable working across platforms, screen sizes, and have designed and built end products for all sorts of devices. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, you are comfortable representing the world of cutting edge Graphic Design and Web Development. You get a kick out of improving good ideas by bringing the latest research, or a new approach, or a best practice to team brainstorm. You know what you don't know, and are not precious about calling on your extensive network when you need to get a job done.


  • Portfolio presentation is expected, including URLs or samples that reflect work 
  • Experience designing and building for a variety of screens and devices, native and responsive
  • Strong grasp of design principles: including typography, iconography, color, imagery, and composition
  • Mastery of interaction design deliverables including IA documentation, rapid prototyping, site maps, wireframes, flows, site inventory, template guidelines and annotated comps
  • Experience working in an editorial environment a plus - especially with digital publishers
  • Expert in Adobe suite, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and experience in AJAX, JSON, Xcode, JQuery, Android, Cinema 4D much appreciated

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and its subsidiaries are Equal Opportunity Employers Minorities/Females/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity/Protected Veterans/Disabled.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and its subsidiaries are E-Verify users.

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<![CDATA[Design Director]]> CNN is looking for a Design Director.

CNN's brand-new Brand Studio is looking for a full time, New York City-based Design Director to help build out a best-in-class custom content capability.

The person who lands this job will have an immense opportunity to help pitch and produce great branded content that will be distributed on an unparalleled scale. The Studio works with a Who's Who of blue chip brands that all have meaningful media budgets. The goal is to produce relevant work that will be of real interest to the CNN audience; a network available to more than 2 billion people in more than 200 countries and territories, spanning TV, Web, Snapchat, Social Media, Airports and Mobile Devices. Here's what this ground floor opening requires: You've already figured out how to be ferociously creative in the working world. Your first job as Design Director will be to your impossibly high standards onto the visual work coming out of the Studio.

You will then immediately take on the task of perpetually raising the bar you have set. The look and feel of our materials and output will be your baby to nurture and protect. Your portfolio demonstrates an exciting range of tones, solutions, and looks. You're practiced at the art of balancing quality with a quick turnaround. You've instituted processes that can help a designer juggle multiple projects while maintaining quality control. You're an ideas person, not an order taker. You can prove that your design work is more than outrageously gorgeous - it has also solved problems. You've got a track record of joining team brainstorms and can point to instances where your design expertise has hugely impacted the end result (positively!).

You love to experiment and would relish the chance to bring editorial-style design concepts to the advertising table. You already regularly pitch additive layouts, information graphics, interactive and illustration ideas as part of your day-to-day. You're happy in a hands-on leadership role. You have a proven knack for hiring and nurturing exciting design talent. You would be entering into a start up environment (albeit inside one of the world s largest news organizations), so you cannot be above leading by example and proactively helping out with storyboards, mocks, comps, presentations when necessary. You're at home working in multimedia. You appreciate the importance of presentations and site mock ups, but you've also demonstrated you can go beyond the conceptual and apply your designs to post-sale projects. You know how to animate your work, you've shown how graphics can enhance video, you are fluent in web production, and you enjoy nothing more than tying a bow of consistent design around an experience that spans multiple platforms and devices. The Design Director will report directly to the Vice President of the Brand Studio. Salary will be in keeping with your experience and commensurate with other Design Lead positions.


  • Candidate should have at least 5 years of practical experience in the design field and experience creating advertising and Editorial-based products, preferably for a digital publisher.
  • BA/BS in graphic design, photography, interaction design, or related fields.
  • Strong conceptual and visual design background pertaining to typography, color theory, illustration, photography, and layout approaches.
  • Strong portfolio urls required.
  • Expert in After Effects, Photoshop, Sketch and Illustrator.
  • Proven ability to build and manage a team of freelance designers and vendors.
  • Experienced in working with advertisers, or in a collaborative sales environment.
  • Experience in HTML5, Xcode, CSS, Android, Cinema 4D a real plus.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and its subsidiaries are Equal Opportunity Employers Minorities/Females/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity/Protected Veterans/Disabled. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and its subsidiaries are E-Verify users.

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