Executive Producer


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About Us

Stinkdigital is an award-winning, fully integrated studio consisting of 45+ full-time interactive creatives, developers, animators, designers, digital producers, film producers and directors who work together as a team to create innovative and engaging interactive experiences.

Our core competencies begin with interactive creative, concepting and design and continue through to high-end execution and build. As a company, we make everything from live-action film and animation to microsites, web apps, mobile phone applications and installation work.

In under four years, we’ve won a Grand Prix in Cannes, Cannes Cybers of various colours, Eurobest and Oneshow golds, silvers and bronzes, a Webby Award, not to mention 43 FWA Site of the Day awards.

We’re looking for an Executive Producer to join our growing team on a full-time basis in London

The Role

You will be a senior member of Stinkdigital, with input into the operational, strategic, creative, production and business development sides of our business. On individual jobs, you will represent our team to the client. You will be responsible for creating and negotiating budgets, and you will assemble and manage teams of developers, designers, creatives and producers in our studio to ensure that the atmosphere and the work are both excellent.

About you:

  • You’re a strong leader with a good sense of intuition and emotional intelligence;
  • You are a proven technical and interactive specialist – your knowledge of the underlying detail of the medium you’re working in allows you to risk manage and problem solve on the fly;
  • You have tangible experience in a leadership role that requires both client-facing and team-building aspects;
  • You have rigorous project management skills and are able to set the framework within which we engage our clients on projects. You are highly skilled in preparing budgets, statements of work and timings that are negotiated to deliver successful projects and profitability;
  • You have a strong knowledge of the interactive marketplace, including specific creative projects, clients, and individual producers, creatives, designers and developers; you know what good work looks like as this is what our clients come to us for;
  • You are motivated to win new business and to be entrepreneurial;
  • You can plan, prioritize and manage your workload across multiple projects and in turn, manage and support line producers on your project;
  • You’re enthusiastic and have a passion for learning about and developing emergent technologies;
  • You are rational and calm under pressure;
  • You enjoy working in a team environment and contributing to the team’s ideas;
  • You have minimum six years’ experience in production and have produced large campaigns or programmes of work; 
  • This position requires at least 6+ years experience with interactive production, preferably in a production company or agency environment. Experience in film production is also a plus. 
  • Music lovers, film geeks, video gamers, and Internet nerds will be welcomed with open arms.

How to Apply

Please submit CVs to james@stinkdigital.com