ECommerce Management Agency - Chief Of Staff

New York, U.S.A.

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The chief of staff is responsible for the growth and management, of the company’s team.  He/she will help the team meet the objectives of our multiple e-commerce websites.  This includes managing all aspects of the business, site performance, strategy, content management, product photography, online marketing, web analytics, forecasting, budgeting and financial reporting, inventory control, and trend analyses.  

The chief of staff function is both detail-intensive and wide in scope, requiring among other capabilities, the capacity to manage multiple departments all working towards a unified goal. Strong leadership skills, creative problem solving skills and ability to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment are a must.  



• Manage internal organization to ensure each team member is on the same page working towards a commonly shared goal in tandem.

• Lead the design team in email marketing process with design and development of email campaigns.  Then lead the analytics team to segment the email lists and review email performance for strategic improvements. 

• Guiding design team to develop and test content updates, design changes and online promotions. 

• Identify visual merchandising opportunities that balance the need of profitably driving revenue while simultaneously providing rich branded digital experiences.

• Manage alignment of onsite creative assets across web stores and analyze performance analytics via analytics and sales performance.

• Analyze conversion rates to identify and maximize opportunities to convert web site visitors to online purchasers.

Job Requirements

• Organizational mind to direct and manage a team and make sure each member is maximizing their potential.  

• Direct experience in managing $1M+ budgets for paid search as well as budgets under $100,000 in email and other online marketing activities with deep understanding of ROI.

• Strong knowledge of digital marketing and standard customer funnel considerations

• 7 + years of related e-commerce / web / internet experience with a proven track record of driving sales. 

• Strong analytical, prioritization, problem-solving and negotiating skills

Core Leadership Values and Traits:

• Have the ability to take responsibility for results. 

• Be responsive and able to address questions and issues every day. 

• Be able to recognize the contributions of others. 

• Able to recognize success as well as failure and being able to learn both individually and collectively from past experiences, retaining best practices.  


• Willing to take risks and create new ways of working together. 

• Being capable of changing conventional ways and doing what makes sense even when faced with challenges. 

• Able to share opinions and information to work together differently. 

• Building trust and cooperation among associates to make important decisions. 

• Learning to execute solutions and face difficult problems together. 

• Cultivate strength and cooperative spirit. 

• Share achievements within and between teams throughout the organization. 

• Being considerate of other people’s point of view. 

• The ability to have open and direct communication among team that fosters people development.



Starting Salary of $80,000 - $125,000 depending on qualifications



About Us


Tech And Bowery is an ecommerce management company.  We build and maintain ecommerce sites for clients in the consumer goods category.  We offer a turn key solution to our clients allowing them to outsource all the components of running their ecommerce business through us.  That includes all web development, web design, warehousing/fulfillment, digital merchandising, photography, descriptions, online media buying, call center, SEO and strategic analysis.  We are positioned to be the online arm of our client's companies as a white label service.  We are positioning ourselves to offer this service to both brands and retail chains the like. 

How to Apply

Email resume and cover letter to