Digital Marketing Strategist with Expertise in SEO & CRO


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Blue Fountain Media is looking for a leader for our digital marketing strategy team to help with pre-sales as well as lead strategies for client projects. This position would report directly to the CMO.

We have an appealing company culture, and a proven leadership team that work in a collaborative manner. We offer a great incentive package and opportunity for growth!

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Motivate, train and manage strategy team members on planning and executing digital strategies which consist of SEO, PPC, Social Media and CRO.
  • Coordinate with business development team on sales strategies.
  • Provide clients with clear and executable strategies with deliverables and milestone goals.
  • Expert knowledge of online marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Ability to create marketing, website, and branding presentations, with detailed deliverables and project timeline plan. 
  • Proven team leadership skills and ability to grow marketing teams.

How to Apply

Interested Candidates please send over your resume and cover letter to