Covent Garden, London, UNITED KINGDOM

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There are three kinds of people who google Critical Mass: physicists, cycling activists and designers. To be honest with you, we’re really only looking for the latter. The kind of person who showers with their Wacom, and their main hobby is being creative. If that describes you, then hello. Maybe you’re the person we’re looking for. And we'd like to exploit all of your creativity in exchange for money. And sometimes beer. And popcorn.

Actually, we don't want to exploit you. We want to push you. We want to see your original thinking firing on all cylinders, to see you go way beyond just being a master in photoshop. If you're ready to make a real mark on the world of digital marketing, then we're ready to let you loose. Plus, with CM you'll be constantly learning, refining your already formidable skills, and you'll do it while having a hell of a lot of a fun.

Although, if you want to do all that whilst being a physics nerd and cycling activist, then we’re cool with that.

Designer Responsibilities

1. You’re conceptualising, creating, and executing amazing design ideas. Your design solutions impress and surprise. You push boundaries and leverage trends while solving real problems. You apply best practices to new ideas to create something unique and effective, or eschew them to do the same. You’re great at opening up and sharing ideas, sketching out your work and developing your own processes.

 2. You sweat the small stuff. The devil’s in the detail. You self-censor, catching and correcting errors in your work. The quality of your design is always improving.

 3. Talking = Learning. You accept what you don’t know and ask questions. You know how to talk about your work and rationalise your ideas. You also know when to champion an idea, and when to let it go.

 4. You’re a team player, you play nice with other creatives, UX and developers. You understand that your team is your greatest resource – the underlying mechanism in all this is respect for your peers, their time, their ideas and their feedback.

 5. You’re learning. You know a ton, but you have much to learn. To that end, you’re always anticipating the next big thing and seeking out ways to learn more. You celebrate the things that inspire you and bring that inspiration to your work. You're always on the look out for innovative solutions and ways to expand and refine your skills. You stay curious. 

Skills and Competencies

•       Strong visual, interactive and graphic design skills.

•       Able to visualise and verbalise your ideas to the team and client when called upon.

•       Have a solid working knowledge of the latest design toolsets.

•       Have an understanding of technologies and how they can help and hinder your design solutions.

•       You are a digital native, savvy in all things digital.

•       You design to solve problems.


How to Apply

Please apply directly on our website