Creative Front-End Developers

Everywhere, U.S.A.

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The Supply is helping a handful of the industries top digital teams find the best of the best creative coders for the new year.  
Plenty of fulltime and freelance opportunities in numerous USA/Euro large cities. 
Send in your information, let's catch up.

What's needed:

Must be great with the no-brainer buzzwords:  

  • -HTML5
  • -CSS3
  • -Js (+ node, less, backbone, other)
  • -Jquery
  • -Good eye for design/motion
  • -Commonly used Api's 
  • -Flash background/knowledge
  • -Responsive design/dev
Somewhat familiar with:
  • -WebGL - or - Canvas
  • -PHP
  • -Objective C -or- -Java (Android)
Would be amazing if you knew:
  • -Python
  • -Ruby
  • -Processing
  • -Open Frameworks
  • -Unity / C++

How to Apply

Please send a note to with; - A brief description of yourself and skills - Sample links (client projects are cool, but personal experiments are cooler) - Where you live currently - Where you would relocate to