Creative Director / Design Director


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At NEVERBLAND we believe that design and development are inextricably linked at the heart of everything we do. Great design can revolutionise an industry, simplify people's lives and advance humanity. We’re looking for a Design Director prepared to break new ground, lead our team as standard bearer at the frontline of an industry.

As Design Director, you’ll lead our creative team and oversee all design and user experience efforts across the products and client projects we work on. You’ll have vision for the overall picture and the business goals, but above all you’ll provide inspired creative direction to guide a 5-strong design team into unknown territory. You’ll love simple, elegant solutions, and thrive in an environment where the norm is challenged, not accepted.

As Creative Lead across a number of different products and varied client work you will understand brand and business strategy, and have the ability to balance strategic requirements with inspirational work. Your curiosity will seek inspiration from your environment and others, and your enthusiasm will inspire us.  

You will have a grasp of development and the underlying code, as ultimately, code is central to everything that is possible online. It is the combination of great code and great design that forms the basis of all great user experiences and products. You’ll be intrigued by this, and always strive to understand how new code works and how it's evolving. You will lead discussions with the developers and product designers on a daily basis, always looking for ways to create something unique, beautiful and most of all, functional. You will ensure quality in our designs and work to recruit and retain the sharpest minds for our team.

You’re excited by the future of the web and what possibilities lie ahead and relish working as part of a team of like-minded peers– driving the studio and simultaneously managing relationships that deliver results.


In addition to contagious optimism, an insatiable love of technology and desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible on the modern web, our next recruit would possess these key skills:

Brilliant team leadership skills.
Excellent visual and user focused design skills with an eye for detail.
Excellent understanding of designing for the web, mobile and other connected devices
Expert in the use of in Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign & Wireframing.
Ability to work within brand and design guidelines, whilst also considering unique interpretations.
Excellent communication and presentation skills.
A basic understanding of what's possible with HTML, CSS & Javascript.


  • Work in a fast paced creative environment which is growing rapidly.
  • Learn first-hand about how to start, grow and market new startups and products.
  • Build exciting Apps that thousands of people will use and love.
  • Team lunches, drinks and - dare we say it - parties (
  • Flexible holidays (we’re all working hard to make the company successful).
  • OTE bonus scheme paid quarterly

If you've got what it takes then we want to hear from you. Don’t settle, come change the world with us!

How to Apply


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