Backend PHP Developer @ Random Studio


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Random Studio is a creative workshop consisting of around 20 people based in Amsterdam. We create sites, apps, games, animations, 3D and physical installations.  

Our studio is an environment that invites creativity and exploration. We don’t work with frameworks, blueprints, or an agency signature; We work with our intuition. Trying to keep an open mind and have fun while making interesting work.

We're looking for an Back End Developer to join us on a full-time basis.

The Role 

You will be a team member, you will work closely with our designers, animators, UX people and creative producers.

You like to be challenged by our team to make things, that at first glance will not work. You will surprise us with your input. You are flexible, you can say no but you offer an alternative.

You love code. You need to code. Code is for you what music is to others. It would be amazing if you know how to make things move in the browser.

You understand the digital production process. You have a good apprehension of usability and interaction design. We do not need you to be good at everything. Just be really good at coding.

Also you like to try things out, prototype ideas, try new technologies and combine them to create surprising results. We cultivate an R&D culture so we would love you to join in.



  • Apache expert (modules, configurations, server certificates, logs, command line)
  • MySQL expert (Data modeling/normalization, Relational, Nested Sets, Engine Optimization)
  • PHP 4-5 (Object Orientated, best practices, caching)
  • Version Control (Git, Subversion, CVS


  • Experience with the Symfony 2 framework
  • Experience with Wordpress development
  • Experience with Magento / e-Commerce platform
  • HTML 4-5
  • CSS 2-3
  • JavaScript / jQuery / Ajax development
  • Java
    • Salary

      Initial salaries are comparable to the market level and there will be a chance to negotiate as you develop.

How to Apply

Please submit CVs to