Back-end Developer


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Epic Agency is currently looking for a (back-end) web developer to join its forces.

The perfect candidate would be able to work in-house in Liège, Belgium (We’ll provide beers and waffles) and he(she) will meet these requirements:

Your Skills

  • You are really really… I mean REALLY passionate about your job and you’re always a step ahead from everyone else;
  • Fluent in french or english (spoken/written);
  • An advanced knowledge of PHP and/or Ruby alongside their respective top frameworks;
  • A proeficiency in JavaScript/JQuery, the DOM, DHTML and AJAX is a big plus;
  • You know SQL, NoSQL and when to use them;
  • A real team player and you’ll be able to be part of something big;
  • Fast-learner (and you enjoy learning everyday);
  • You do mobile development or want to dive in it;
  • Did we say you must be passionate about your job?

About you

We need you to be proactive and willing to keep on learning about emerging technologies;

  • You’re passionate about new trends and developments (we may have mentioned that once or twice);
  • Capacity to laugh to Belgian humour (you’ve been warned);
  • You’re a musician, a writer, a friendly companion or you like to cook as well ? You’ve got all our attention;
  • You’re living the internet, you’re eating the internet and you’re sleeping with the internet but you’re still in a human form;
  • You must be able to understand the fun, challenges and long-term benefits of working with one of the top belgian agencies;
  • Your momma doesn’t understand a single word of what you say when you’re talking about your work;
  • You have a strong opinion about the best editor to use (which is vim as everybody knows);
  • You know V8 is not a type of engine with 8 cylinders or a vegetable juice than can only be used for bloody mary;
  • You have a github/bitbucket account where we can see your best work;

Your job

As part of your job you will have to build mobile & desktop back-end web application, full-stack websites, integrate e-commerce solutions, give a help to the development of our own CMS solution, play Card Against Humanity with us during lunch, get to challenge your skills every single day and perhaps we will even need you to tell jokes.

How to Apply

You feel like it’s a job perfectly made for you? Then hit our mailbox at!