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Akiyoshi Ishigami

Akiyoshi Ishigami


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  • PiSA sales GmbH is a medium-sized provider of software solutions for customer-relationship management (CRM) and any-relationship management (XRM) in business-to-business (B2B) operations.

    Ventzke Media GERMANY
    8 7 7 6
  • Manualise is a company which makes manuals for a wide variety of products.

    4 6 3 6
  • Who is Bella? We are excited to launch a brand new glossy magazine, BELLA. A magazine for every modern woman between the ages 20 – 35 years. BELLA isn’t only a Magazine, but also your best friend. She is a friend who speaks frankly, accompanies you in times of joy and in times of tears. She is beautiful and funky, talks about sex and loves modern things and new cars, but also keeps the nostalgia of good values and family close to her heart. She is bold and beautiful! She is already a success and is focused, but above all proud to be a mother, wife, sister and friend. She strives to inspire you to be the best you. In these 15 years of any woman's life, the most important decisions are made. Everything is a first - study, engagement, wedding, children, giving birth, breast-feeding, investing, working, new corporate wardrobe, new beauty products and fashion trends for a new phase, buying a house, buying a car and on and on! Looking forward to have you as part of our BELLA circle of friends.

    Dreambird Designs SOUTH AFRICA
    6 6 4 6
  • Edo Draaijer Studios translates your message into powerful images, whether it is a caricature, character design, illustration, cartoon, 3D animation or graphic design.

    6 7 6 6
  • A Swiss digital agency of international standing.

    procab SWITZERLAND
    6 7 4 6
  • The Gobstopper is the best online retro sweet shop in the whole sweet universe. We have all your favouritres, incredible gifts, Click 'N'N Mix, retro jars and hampers plus much more

    Robot Creative UNITED KINGDOM
    7 6 6 6
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