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Including amazing fonts on your website adding one line of code

  • May 27
  • By awwwards-team
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Today we would like to show some tools that will help us to use nice fonts on your website.
To do that you just need to include a line of code in your html page! This fonts will be visualized as a real text!
Check it a selections on Google Fonts directory and Typekit fonts

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  • Cantarell


  • Josefin Sans Light

    Josefin Sans Light

  • Lobster


  • Vollkorn


  • Yanone Kaffeesatz

    Yanone Kaffeesatz

  • Type kit offers something similar, but with much more font!

    Type kit offers something similar, but with much more font!

  • Bello Pro

    Bello Pro

  • ff Meta

    ff Meta

  • Parisine


  • Coquette


  • Corpulent


  • Bistro Script

    Bistro Script

  • bebas Neue

    bebas Neue

  • Code


  • Honey Script

    Honey Script

  • Minotaur


  • Pleasantly-Plump


  • Quigley Wiggly

    Quigley Wiggly

  • Snickles


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