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Guillaume Chatelain

Guillaume Chatelain


Webmaster / Developpeur Front-end à Toulouse French Webmaster / Developpeur Front-end

  • This is our corporate website, made to give people a close view on our philosophy and values. Let's travel together : to infinity and beyond !!!

    Mathieu Sitaud FRANCE
    9 8 9 6
  • Full digital services for brand's promotion

    Bigtime RUSSIA
    9 9 9 9
  • Crowd-sourcing a photographic archive taken by a photographer who stood on a Dublin bridge for fifty years.

    Ciaran Deeney IRELAND
    8 9 9 8
  • The site informs and tracks in real time a petition against the ban on homosexual men donating blood. Each signature converts into a pixel that re-fills the symbolically empty red stripe of the LGBT rainbow flag.

    DDB Berlin GERMANY
    9 9 9 7
  • Juice Marketing - Inbound Marketing for Technology Providers

    Juice Marketing LLC U.S.A.
    5 7 4 4
  • Haltbox- The professional social network for meaningful connections . Haltbox is a custom-designed web & mobile platform where you can create a multi-media rich online profile to showcase your career, lifestyle, personality and work life related experiences. Created with profile settings to allow you to protect your privacy better, Haltbox sets the precedent for a social media generation increasingly aware that an online profile is the equivalent of that individual's personal brand. More presentable, much more visually appealing and measurably more representative of the individual than a conventional CV, Haltbox allows, users, employers, recruiters, job seekers, entrepreneurs, students, graduates and mentors to get to know the real person in their career and work life setting.

    Haltbox, Inc. U.S.A.
    7 7 8 4
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