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  • Bastien Lardeux's portfolio, creative UX designer and interactive front-end developer.

    Bastien Lardeux FRANCE
    9 9 9 9
  • Plongez dans une expédition au coeur des forêts primaires des tropiques. Sur les traces de l'équipe du film Il était une forêt, partez à la découverte de cet univers incroyable et apprenez à en déceler les codes.

    François Pumir FRANCE
    10 10 10 9
  • Both the navigation and effects are pure CSS. I only used JavaScript for the keyboard handling. I wanted it as simple as possible, however consistent. That's why I have worked hard on the pages transitions. No icon nor image, just texts, which are also the result of hard work and many iterations. You can browse the website by using the arrow keys of your keyboard, but also the usual "J" (forward) and "K" (backward) and the numbers from 1 to 5 for direct access.

    Nicolas Torres FRANCE
    9 9 9 9
  • An interactive e-commerce website designed with one-of-a-kind 'superhero' concept to launch an innovative product: Flugs. Flugs is a small mighty device that fixes broken flip-flops.

    BUbblefish Design AUSTRALIA
    5 6 6 6
  • The primary objective is to communicate all the benefits, offers, promotions, and videos of Jeep on the winter season, with the collaboration of GoPro and Valle Nevado (The largest ski resort on Santiago, Chile).

    Blacksheep Social Media Center CHILE
    6 6 6 6
  • Multeor is a multiplayer webgame developed by Arjen de Vries, Filidor Wiese and Arthur van 't Hoog. In the game you control a meteor crashing into earth. Score points by leaving the biggest trail of destruction.

    Arthur van 't Hoog NETHERLANDS
    6 7 6 6
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