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Guilherme Stoll

Guilherme Stoll


Owner of Tiki, creative director and adventurer in his spare time. Let's do it the right way! ;)

  • Gonzalo Pérez

    Gonzalo Pérez SPAIN - Granada

    Founder of Lausive and member of The User Experience Organization. UI/UX Designer and front-end developer. In the past, he worked for some regional Education Ministries in Spain developing educational projects to help students to learn with a computer. At present, he is developing projects focused on publicity products across the web using a learning process to transform information into knowledge.

  • Will

    Will BRAZIL - Florianópolis

    Hi, I'm Willian Silveira. Creative Director at F/FWD. I Design, Code and I'm into Photography too. That's me!

  • João Eduardo Valvassori
  • Edson Espíndola Junior

    Edson Espíndola Junior

    Brazillian UI Designer and Front-end Developer.

  • Thais Costa

    Thais Costa

    Creative art-direction from websites.