WebCoast 2014


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WebCoast is a market place where we can exchange ideas and opinions, knowledge and inspiration. We offer you a weekend in which you can expand your knowledge and your network of contacts, a weekend you will remember and benefit from for years to come. It is you who will create WebCoast. You and all the other clever, inquisitive people just like you who work, play and socialise on the web every day. You have a huge amount to offer one another so what would you like to talk about at WebCoast? 

The conference will take place over three days, but of course you can choose which parts you want to attend. You can participate in the talks, sessions and discussions that you want, come and go as you please and eat at the times that suit you. Everything is included in the price of the ticket no matter what you choose.


Can I speak?

Absolutely! You’re very welcome to lead a session at WebCoast. The conference is based on the idea that everyone participates and helps create the programme. WebCoast is West Sweden’s first participant-driven event – an “unconference” – focusing on communication, web users and web developers. You will not find a predetermined agenda with hired speakers; instead all the participants will collectively help fill the conference with content on the spot. Bring your knowledge, your questions, your ideas and thoughts. They are WebCoast’s building blocks.


Göteborg Lindholmen Conference Centre is located along Lindholmen’s waterfront and is the perfect venue for your conference or event. The venue offers a highly technological environment and can accommodate up to 1000 guests in modern facilities. The flexibility of the venue in combination with the restaurants available creates enormous possibilities for events and banquets. There are many hotels to choose from in Gothenburg. A few hotels will offer a reduced rate for WebCoast attendees.