Web Directions Code 2014

MELBOURNE, Australia

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Web Directions Code is a two day conference featuring the world´s leading experts in web and mobile development, JavaScript, HTML5, advanced CSS, Nodejs and more, it´s the funnest way to help you and your team stay on top of the web development game.

A unique blend of inspiration and education, will be created by the mix of more traditional long-form presentation with short, sharp, highly focussed ones.




  • Fiona Chan

    Fiona is a front-end developer, who focusses on and is most passionate about, web standards and making the web an accesible place for all. 

    Thereby, she is the co-founder of SydCSS and one of the organisers for CSSConf Australia.

  • Paul Theriault

    Paul is the security lead for Mozilla´s Firefox OS project, this is a project developing a mobile operating system based on web technologies. 

    His experience lays in the field of web security, this ranges from application security testing and code review through to risk assessment and security management.

  • Barbara Bermes

    Barbara is an international speaker and organizer of the Toronto Web Performance Meetup Group. She has always been passionate about the web´s capabilities, and she has been captivated by it since the millenium.

  • Mark Nottingham

    He is Chair of the IETF HTTPbis Working Group, an effort to first clean up HTTP/1.1 and then develop HTTP/2.0 and currently works for Akamai, the world’s first, largest and best public Content Delivery Network. 

    Mark Nottingham has helped develop Web technologies like Atom and HTTP for more than ten years.

  • Allen Wirfs-Brock

    Allen Wirfs-Brock is a Mozilla Research Fellow and the technical editor of ECMA-262, the international standard that defines the JavaScript programming language.

    He is an expert in dynamic, object-oriented programming languages and their implementation but is also an entrepreneur who founded two successful companies. When he's not working on the evolution of JavaScript, he is thinking and writing about the technical and societal implications of the rapidly emerging Ambient Computing Era.

  • Tantek Çelik

    Tantek is an independent technologist, writer and teacher. He works on open web standards and the indie web, at Mozilla Firebox, and he is the founder and community admin at Microformats.