WDCNZ 2014


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WDCNZ | Tech talks for web devs is a conference aimed squarely at people who write the code that makes the internet run. They have a philosophy that to present at WDCNZ you need to be unafraid of code, and WDCNZ´s goal is having highly technically literate people presenting on cutting edge topics in the web world.




  • Sara Chipps

    Sara is an in NYC based Javascript developer and she is the CTO of Flatiron School, an online school for passionate people.


  • Jen Myers

    Jen is a Chicago based web designer/developer. She focuses on finding new ways to make both technology and technology education accessible to everyone.


  • Vanessa Hurst

    Founder/CEO of CodeMontage, where coders engage in open source projects to improve their skills and the world. Founded Developers for Good and co-founded WriteSpeakCode and Girl Develop It.


  • James Halliday

    Co-founded browserling and testling. Writes on substack.net by way of unspecified machinations and there are some e-packages on github and npmjs.org that you can use to build your internet commerce website.