UXPA 2014

LONDON, United Kingdom

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Motivation. That is the theme for 2014. In our profession, as in life, it's often beneficial to step back and consider why? Why do customers use the products we work so hard to perfect? Why do (internal or external) clients ask for our expertise? Why do we give it? Why do we do it so freely and with so much enthusiasm? 

From the tiniest design problem to the most complicated professional conundrums, uncovering true motivation is critical to achieving the right solution. 

Topics will include information architecture, information design, interaction design, user experience, usabilityUX design, and more.




  • Craig Peters

    Craig speaks at conferences about how enterprises can enable their user experience personnel to be more effective and make a greater impact. He's a UX professional with more than 10 years experience in design, management, and organizational strategy. Before founding Awasu Design, Craig co-founded Bolt | Peters, a user experience research firm recently acquired by Facebook. Craig has worked with a variety of well-known companies including Hallmark, Time Warner, Restoration Hardware, PeopleSoft, Blue Shield, KQED, EMC/Documentum and Wells Fargo among others.

  • Tim Caynes

    Tim is Head of Interaction Design at Foolproof, meaning that he’s responsible for the integrity of the thinking behind Foolproof’s experience design work. It also means he spends a lot of time peering over people’s shoulders, poking at their screen saying "what’s that? what does that do?" or prowling around a studio with a volatile mix of whiteboard pens and permanent markers, shouting "WHAT ABOUT THE NARRATIVE?" while a trail of post-its waft through the air like fallout from a creative fusion.

  • Anna Kirah

    Anna Kirah is Chief Experience Officer at Making Waves, a digital consulting company based in Oslo, Norway. Anna is an internationally acclaimed design anthropologist and psychologist who has worked in corporations such as Boeing and Microsoft and helped customers in a wide variety of sectors including software development, advertising, transportation, retail, banking, and public services. 

  • Beverly May

    Beverly is Executive Director and founder of the UX Awards at UXAwards.org, the Principal of Oxford Tech + UX Consulting, and acting President of NYC-CHI, NYC's largest and oldest UX group. Beverly has over 17 years experience in tech, product development and user experience. Beverly's experience spans management, strategy, UX, design, development, and content.