UX Immersion Mobile Conference 2014


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Involving the visitors is something really important, therefore many workshops will be offered.

¨The best mobile experiences follow users from one place to another, no matter what device they use. They seem to effortlessly fuse content, context, and user behavior. The result means they can start a video on their commute, keep watching at their desk, then pick up where theyleft off once they will get home.¨

Speakers, workshops, exploring. An active diverse program.




  • Ben Callahan

    Teams, timelines, and deliverables are an ever-changing challenge for teams trying to do responsive design. Hear how to manage expectations and create stronger products, faster. This workshop entails the following components:

    - Structuring teams to be more flexible

    - Planning responsive projects, from soup-to-nuts

    - Designing interfaces using faster methods

    - Managing expectations and doing testing

  • Cyd Harrell

    Mobile changes everything about how we conduct usability research. Learn the latest techniques for interviewing, gathering data, and involving your entire team. This workshop entails the following components:

    - Designing a mobile-specific research plan

    - Collecting user data with mobile devices

    - Conducting user interviewson-the-go

    - Adding research–without blowing budgets

  • Brad Frost

    Establish a practical foundation so your design team can make flexible, adaptive UIs. Design future-friendly experiences based on layout, image, and navigation patterns. This workshop entails the following components:

    - Creating responsive, adaptive interfaces

    - Establishing flexible design systems

    - Using layout and navigation patterns

    - Designing with image and interaction patterns

  • Jason Grigsby

    Dispel your fears of code, media queries, image optimization, and multi-device design. See how fast and freeing mobile-first, responsive web design can be right now. This workshop entails the following components:

    - Doing mobile-first responsive web design

    - Designing around responsive code

    - Handling common responsive design challenges

    - Building responsively for screens and users

  • Karen McGrane

    Transform your existing content into packages that work for your CMS, people, and users. Publish content to many devices using one, author-centric workflow. This workshop entails the following components:

    - Identifying gaps in your processes

    - Examining your existing content

    - Modelling content

    - Creating content packages

  • Nate Schutta

    Building prototypes using JavaScript and jQuery isn’t a black art. Ease into mobile prototyping–from using HTML and CSS in a text editor to debugging what you’ve built. This workshop entails the following components:

    - Demystifying JavaScript

    - Digging into jQuery Moile

    - Using jQuery Mobile

    - Building a mobile app