UX Immersion Conference 2013 Mobile


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Whether you’re new to designing for mobile or already a pro, you’ll learntons of practical techniques during 2 glorious days of hands-on workshops and 1 day of superb talks.

Two Day-long Workshops: Six of the best UX experts in mobile UX dive deep and get to the nitty-gritty details around multi-device UX and mobile design.


  • Designing Intuitive Mobile Inputs by Luke Wroblewski

  • Prototyping for Mobile Designs by Kelly Goto

  • Mapping Your Customer’s Journey by Chris Risdon

  • Adapting Your Content for Mobile by Karen McGrane

  • Conducting Usability Research for Mobile by Cid Harrell

  • When Responsive Design Meets the Real World by Jason Grigsby

Featured Talks from Speakers: