State of the Browser

LONDON, United Kingdom

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State of the Browser is a conference focused on new and upcoming features for each major browser, but also on browsing off the desktop, mobile devices, UX and HTML5+CSS3.

In the morning we have browser representatives from Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera and Google telling us all about the future of our browsing experience and also taking part in the State of the Browser panel. During the afternoon we have breakout sessions hosted by web stars Jake Archibald, Laura Kalbag, Michael Lorek, Priya Prakash, Ben MacGowan and Seb Lee-Delisle on all aspects of modern web design and development.

We have now sold out, but you can watch the conference live streamed here

About London Web Standards

London Web Standards run a monthly, evening meetup for developers and web creators, to discuss creating websites to web standards, and how they impact you, your organisation, your audience and your clients. Meetups are generally on the third Monday of the month, although the date can vary.

State of The Browser 2012 Panel Q&A Discussion from London Web Standards on Vimeo.

Speakers include:

  • Microsoft, Martin Beeby (@thebeebs)
  • Chris Heilmann (@codepo8)
  • Google, Paul Kinlan (@Paul_Kinlan) and Jake Archibald (@jaffathecake)
  • Opera, Andreas Bovens (@andreasbovens)
  • WebKit, Alp Toker (@Atoker)