Programming for Non-Programmers: HTML, CSS and JavaScript

LONDON, United Kingdom

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The barriers to building a world-class web product have never been lower and the skills needed to do so have never been easier to acquire. But everyone needs to start somewhere.

This full day workshop is designed to give total beginners the best practices they need to understand the web better, talk confidently with developers, and even get their first website up and running. This class will not train you to be a professional programmer, but it will equip you with the basic skills you need to take the next steps in building your own web apps.

Part 1: Introduction to the Web

In the first hour students will get answers to all their most basic questions, like: What languages should you use for your project? What’s a CMS? What’s the difference between Front End and Back End? What are the different stages of Web Development? How can I tell if a developer is as good as he or she says?

Part II: Getting Your First Site Live

After lunch we’ll take out the laptops and start coding. Over the course of 4 hours we’ll get our hands dirty and learn by doing. Students will gain a foundational understanding of the basic front end languages of HTML and CSS By the end of the course each student will have built and launched their first rudimentary website using these languages.

Prerequisites: You must bring a laptop to class. Lunch will be provided.

Instructor: Antonio Lulic is a freelance front end developer from the North-East of England. In the last decade, he's written code for eBay,, Gumtree, Tesco, Halifax, Lloyds TSB, Barclay's, BT, Coca-Cola, Orange, and more. He likes cycling, burritos and playing the guitar.