O´reilly Fluent Conference 2014


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O'Reilly's Fluent Conference was created to give developers working with JavaScript and on the web platform a new place to gather and learn from each other. As JavaScript and the web browser have become central to all kinds of development, there's a lot of new information to wrap your head around. And the best way to learn is to spend time with people who are actually working with open web technologies, inventing ways to apply their power, scalability, and platform independence to new products and services.

Fluent Conference provides a variety of forums for learning, from workshops and sessions with experts to the "hallway track" between sessions, where attendees informally connect and share questions, knowledge, and perspectives with their peers.


Keynote speakers

  • Paul Bakaus

    Paul Bakaus is the creator of jQuery UI, the Aves Engine and lots of other cool things. Works for Zynga as Studio CTO and W3C AC rep to create cool new tech and games based on HTML5.

  • Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson is an Open Web Platform Developer Advocate working on Chrome. He began working on web browsers in 1993 when he co-authored the original Windows version of NCSA Mosaic, went on to Microsoft to work on Internet Explorer for fifteen years, and joined Google in 2010.

  • Scott Hanselman

    Scott is a web developer who has been blogging at http://hanselman.com for over a decade. He works on Azure and ASP.NET for Microsoft out of his home office in Portland. He’s written a number of books and spoken in person to almost a half million developers worldwide.

  • Paul Irish

    Paul Irish is a front-end developer who loves the web. He is on Google Chrome’s Developer Relations team as well as jQuery’s. He develops the HTML5 Boilerplate, the HTML5/CSS3 feature detection library Modernizr, HTML5 Please, CSS3 Please, and other bits and bobs of open source code.