Minimum Viable Brand: Wolff Olins + GA

LONDON, United Kingdom

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Looking to turn your startup into a high-growth business? Have a great product and team, but short on bandwidth? Or aspiring to do new things to expand your purpose in a crowded market? 

Recently named the 7th strongest  entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world, London's startup scene is bursting with ideas and mind-spinning potential. From small nimble businesses to big brands looking to innovate, it seems that new products are entering the market every day. Yet, how does one achieve sustainable growth when resources are bootstrapped, success is unpredictable and a smart market fit is crucial to find?

In this event, the global brand and innovation agency Wolff Olins says the answer lies not in a compromise or a quick fix - but in the 'Minimum Viable Brand' that is hard-wired into your product. Bridging the dilemma between technology and storytelling, this event will focus on how efficient brand tools can help you succeed in the race.

Join us to learn about: 

+ The evolution of brand in today’s world

+ Why your product is the ultimate launchpad for your brand

+ Key challenges a brand can help you take on

+ Intro to the  ‘Minimum Viable Brand’

+ The effective way of going from Idea to Pitch to Experiences you want to create

+ Brand tools and advice on getting your business going

 Key takeaways:

+ Minimum Viable Brand toolkit

+ How to turn your idea into a viable brand proposition and pitch

+ How to translate your pitch into a differentiating visual identity and experience

Wolff Olins is a global brand consultancy that is ambitious for clients and optimistic for the world. You might know us for our work with EE, AOL, Windows, (RED) and many more. Wolff Olins helps clients to create game changing work by developing unique brand experiences, products that drive demand, and creatively led business strategies. In 2013 we were named one of the Sunday Times Best Companies to work for.