Marketing Strategy in a Digital World

LONDON, United Kingdom

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This 90-minute class will go over strategies on how to align modern marketing activity with real business outcomes using the classic model of the 4 P's—price, place, product, promotion. Among other things, we'll also look at case studies of how each 'P' is being disrupted by digital and networked media. If you're a brand marketer who wishes to understand the modern marketing environment better, technologist who wants to get started with marketing planning, or entrepreneur wishing to draft new plans or revisit old ones, this class is for you.

Student takeaways:

  • Using the 4Ps as a marketing planning tool.
  • Refreshing view on market trends.
  • Focus on aligning marketing activity with real business outcomes.

Level Pre-Requisites: An intermediate to advanced course for executives looking for an overview of planning in a digital world.

Preparation: None.

Instructor: James Cherkoff is a successful technology and marketing consultant who has worked across a range of very high profile global clients.