HybridConf 2014


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HybridConf is the second edition of this event, taking place in Stockholm, Sweden. The first edition was celebrated in Cardiff, Wales. How does HybridConf describe itself? "HybridConf is a celebration of the people of our industry. Those bound by a love of creation. Everyone is welcome."

Design, JavaScript, User Experience, Web Design, Web Development, and more will be discussed!




  • Natasha Irizarry

    Natasha is a product designer and developer at OKCupid. Before moving to New York, she founded JaxUX, a monthly UX meetup in Florida. She is super passionate about UX, and regularly speaks about it.

  • Sara Chipps

    Sara is CTO of The Flatiron School in New York, which offers intensive learning programs for web and iOS development, and hacks on Nodebots in her free time. Previously she worked at LevoLeague and Girl Develop It helping more women to become software developers and expand their careers.

  • Dan Rubin

    Dan is a designer and photographer. He's a partner at design agency, Webgraph, as well as a co-founder and editor of The Photographic Journal. Previously he was creative director at business card company, Moo.

  • Hampton Catlin

    Hampton is the creator of Sass, Haml and Tritium, as well Wikipedia's mobile site, and the responsive delivery platform Moovweb. He is also the author of the Pragmatic Guide to Sass.