FITC Toronto 2014


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FITC stands for ´Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.´These four words capture the essence of what the company and the events are all about. 

The conference will start with presentations which are both technical and creative in nature and led by hand-picked experts from around the world. FITC provides a platform for people who share a passion to meet and interact.

Looking for the perfect combination between technology & creatvity? FITC is the intersection between Creative Technologists, Designers, Developers and all-around awesome thinkers from various innovative industries across the globe.



Key Speakers

  • Hal Lasko

    Hal ´Grandpa´ Lasko is one of eight children of Austrian immigrants. He started his career as a graphic designer, however he left civilian life to serve in World War II, he drew directional and weather maps for bombing raids. Afterwards, he continued working as a graphic designer, however this did not satisfy his needs, and he started painting during the late night hours. He says it wasn't until he retired that he was able to dedicate the time he craved to his art.

  • Sara Blake

    Sara studied in the Individualized Study program at NYU, hereafter she has had a number of jobs in the creative industry (interactive design, graphic design, and art direction). Nowadays, she runs a small illustration studio in New York City.

  • Reed + Rader

    The story of Reed + Rader begins over a decade ago on the internet when Matthew messages Pamela and says, “Hey I like your blue hair”. After stops in farm-town and coal country America they ended up in New York City where they joined forces while attending the School of Visual Arts for photography and Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University

  • Stefan Sagmeister

    After having been nominated eight times, he finally won two Grammy Awards for the Talking Heads and Brian Eno & David Byrne package design. In addition, he has earned practically every important international design award.

  • Jared Ficklin

    Jared started designing over a decade ago, and focuses on innovative and unique interaction models. His philosophy is Think by Making, deliver by Demo.

  • Addy Osmani

    Addy is a font-end web engineer who specializes in high-performance web application. Before this, Addy has obtained more knowledge through experience in creating web applications both using custom and popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks.