DotYork Conference 2014

YORK, United Kingdom

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DotYork is a one day conference that aims to appeal and attract everyone involed in the creative industry. For this reason, the speaker won´t necessarily be showing the visitor their Sass or telling the visitor how to get started with this week´s popular front-end build tool. Instead, the speaker will be telling stories about their personal and professional experiences of enting into the unknown and hopefully inspiring you to take your own leap of faith.

Combine inspirational talking with an historical environment. On top of a great day, you’ll also get to spend some time in our beautiful, historic city. We timed it just before a bank holiday weekend, so come and stay a while. We promise you’ll love the place!





  • Laura Kalbag

    Laura is a chatty designer who is easily exited by web design and development. She prefers to work with small businesses, individuals and startups to help create quality, expressive and useful designs. 

  • James Young

    James is Creative Director at Offroadcode, here he is responsible for the design and front end of the websites they build for clients.

  • Craig Lockwood

    Craig recently opened FounderHub, an open studio for other makers and was responsible for last years HandHeld conference. He strongly believes that the web is the ultimate tool for education.

  • Rachel Shillcock

    Rachel is a designer, writer, podcaster, and speaker from Manchester. She does Responsive Web Design, User Interface Design and Content Management Integration.

  • Ashley Baxter

    Ashley is a photographer, speaker, blogger, and gamer from Glasgow. She is rarely seen without either her camera or laptop. 

  • Harry Roberts

    He is a consultant front end architect, designer, developer, writers and speaker from the UK. Thereby, he writes, tweets, speaks and shares codes about authoring and scaling CSS for big websites.