CSS Dev Conference 2014


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CSS Dev Conference, the first conference devoted to CSS, the design language of the web, returns for its third year on October 13-15, 2014, this time... in New Orleans!

CSS Dev offers you knowlegable speakers, voter-approved sessions, picture perfect settings and the latest and greatest CSS, simply the best of the best.




Three keynotes and 24 sessions over three tracks make for a fast-paced two-day immersion into modern multi-device design and development!

  • Chris Coyier

    Chris is a designer at CodePen and a Podcaster at Shoptalk. He writes about the web at css-tricks and is an experienced speaker at conferences.

  • Rebecca Murphey

    Rebecca is a senior software engineer at Bazaarvoice and a frequent speaker on the topics of code organization and best practices at conferences around the world.

  • Dan Cederholm

    Dan is a web designer, author and speaker based in Salem, Massachusetts. He is the founder of SimpleBits, a web design studio where he writes articles about the web, technology, and life.

  • Estelle Weyl

    Estelle is a freelance web developer, speaker and teacher about web development on occasion. She writes about CSS3, HTML5, and DOM. She blogs about CSS 2.1, XHTML, and Javascript.

  • Jonathan Snook

    Jonathan is a web designer and developer, currently working as a product manager at Shopify. He coauthored two books, however he has also written his own, self-published book Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

  • Rachel Nabors

    Rachel is an interactive developer & award-winning cartoonist based in the Portland, USA. She tells stories in code & pixels at Tinmagpie and at a web animation blog.