MALMO, Sweden

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CopenhagenJS is a montly meetup for webdesigners and front-end developers in and around Copenhagen.

Currently, four sessions have been planned including the following:

  • Welcome to CopenhagenJS presented by Björn Söderqvist
  • StikJS - From jQuery hell to pluggable components presented by Lukas Alexandre
  • Lightning talk: Espruino - JavaScript for microcontrollers presented by Björn Söderqvist
  • Raffle - win an Espruino board presented by Björn Söderqvist

Equals, professionals, discuss and meet. An interactive program.




  • Björn Söderqvist

    Björn is a front-end developer at Consulence, and co-founder of CopenhagenJS, Malmodl and demodag_malmo. He has already been a speaker at 10 events in three different countries.

  • Lukas Alexandre

    Lukas is a developer at Preadly and Co-Founder, Developer at Codelogic. Originally he is from Brazil, but currently he is living in Copenhagen, Denmark.