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Bmoresponsive is a single day, single track conference on May 9, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland focused on creating a dialogue around what is needed to build things for the multi-device web. This conference is dedicated to responsive web design. A total of 12 speakers will be providing a diverse day. The tickets include the lunch and access to post-conference activities. For students there is the possibility to buy a cheaper ticket.

A low budget conference, however provides visitors with high quality.




  • Joseph Abrahams

    Joseph is a full-stack web developer who specializes in building applications tailored for performance, conversions, and user experiences. Whenever he´s not staring at a computer, you can probably find him biking around the city or playing his drum set.

  • Javier Rios

    Javier designs for the web with a focus on interfaces, interaction and experiences. ''The older I get the more I feel like a kid. There's always more to learn, bigger ideas to dream, plans to explore and new devices on the horizon.''

  • Ghaida Zahran

    Ghaida is an interaction designer, gamer, and meme connoisseur. She graduated from Dar Al-Hekma college in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, she has come a long way to design tasty interfaces at ZURB. Currently, she is working on completing her Masters degree in Interactive Design and Game Development at SCAD.

  • Catherine Farman

    Catherine makes websites for small business, to showcase and sells their art, and to help the businesses change the world. She has knowledge about web standards, CSS, PHP, jQuery, and graphic design.

    Currently, she is a front end developer at WebLinc.

  • Karen McGrane

    ''I tell companies how to fix what they’re doing wrong on the internet.''

    If the internet is more awesome than it was in 1995, Karen would like to claim a very tiny piece of the credit. She has given several presentations, has written blogposts, articles/column, interviews, and books.

  • Fabio Carneiro

    Fabio is an email and User Experience Designer based in Atlanta, GA. 

    I spend my days neck-deep in HTML email, designing and developing versatile, responsive emails for more than 4 million customers.