ARTIFACT Conf 2014 - Providence, RI


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The ARTIFACT East Coast event takes place in Providence, RI. A city with an acclaimed art and design community, a growing tech scene, great restaurants, all conveniently located between Boston and New York. ARTIFACT sets up shop at the historic Biltmore Hotel. The Grand Ballroom offers stunning views of the city in all directions.

Want to get involved? Attend any of the several workshops led by prominent people from the creative industry.




  • Stephen Hay

    Stephen Hay is the author of "Responsive Design Workflow" and a user experience designer and consultant focusing on multi-platform design.

    Native Californian Stephen Hay is co-author of Smashing Book #3. He is a frequent speaker at industry events, a contributor to .net Magazine, and a columnist for the Dutch Web Designer magazine. He was co-author of the Dutch guidelines for the accessibility and quality of government websites. While spending an increasing amount of time teaching, writing, and speaking, Stephen still spends the majority of his time working with clients large and small through his consultancy, Zero Interface.


  • Jeremy Keith

    Jeremy Keith lives in Brighton, England, where he makes websites with the splendid design agency, Clearleft. You may know him from such books as DOM Scripting: JavaScript’s New Hope, Bulletproof Ajax: The Browser Strikes Back, and HTML5 For Web Designers: Return Of The Standards.

    He's the curator of the dConstruct conference as well as Brighton SF, and he organized the world’s first Science Hack Day. He also made the website Huffduffer to allow people to make podcasts of found sounds.


  • Val Head

    Val Head is a designer with an obsession for all things type and code. She works with agencies and small businesses to make delightful and effective websites. She also leads workshops on web design and creative coding around the world. Every year she brings a swarm of web designers to Pittsburgh for her conference Web Design Day, which coincidentally is her favourite day of the year. She is the author of The Pocket Guide to CSS Animations from Five Simple Steps and CSS Animations on


  • Brad Frost

    Brad Frost is a front-end designer, consultant, and speaker located in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. He is the creator of This Is Responsive, a collection of patterns, resources, and news to help people create great responsive web experiences. He also created Mobile Web Best Practices, a resource site that lays out considerations for creating great mobile web experiences. He curates WTF Mobile Web, a site that teaches, by example, what not to do when working with the mobile web. He is passionate about mobile and is constantly tweeting, writing, and speaking about it.


  • Stephanie Rieger

    Stephanie Rieger is a designer, researcher, and closet-anthropologist with a passion for the many ways people interact with technology. A mobile industry veteran with a keen eye on emerging technologies, she has created web and mobile experiences for companies such as Nokia, Microsoft, Intel, Phillips, and the NHS. Stephanie speaks at conferences and teaches workshops on mobile design and strategy all over the world. She is also co-founder and one of the principals at Yiibu, a web design consultancy based in Edinburgh.


  • Josh Clark

    Josh Clark is a designer specializing in multi-device design, strategy, and user experience. He's author of Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps (O’Reilly, 2010) and the forthcoming Designing for Touch (A Book Apart, 2014). Josh's agency Global Moxie offers design services, strategic consulting, and training to help creative organizations build tapworthy apps and responsive websites.