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Don't Delay! Responsive Web Design now! 10 Great Examples of Adaptive Websites

Adaptive design has evolved from being a strong trend to become a reality of the web today

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Adaptive design has evolved from being a strong trend to become a reality of the web today. In a world that has been conquered by mobile devices over the past two decades, no one now understands a website that cannot be viewed on different screen resolutions, or at the very least the minimum provided on smartphones and tablets. The latest surveys on internet use in many countries no longer make a point of discussing the use of these portable devices because they are a reality: connections to the internet from these devices has grown exponentially over recent years.

If you have not updated we recommend you do. If you do not know this web design technique already we recommend you study, research and learn about it. It's not as hard as it sounds and there are many easy resources. Right here on our blog at Awwwards you’ll often find posts showing the best examples and exploring the topic of responsive design, and we will continue to bring you these resources.

Here's a selection of adaptive designs. Visit these sites and resize your browser or try viewing them from a mobile device.

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