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Delphine le Bussy

Delphine le Bussy


Web Designer Student at Albert Jacquard (Namur, Belgium). I will graduate hopefully in less than a year (june 2013).

  • A clean modern approach to financial services website design. Client requested no corp. stock images. Images were customized to enhance the clients concept of "disruption in the markets".

    Matt Stellwagen U.S.A.
    5 7 4 6
  • UX Passion is a full-service user experience design and usability agency with global reach.

    UX Passion CROATIA
    7 7 6 7
  • Einstein Structured Funding is an Informational website for Annuitants Looking to sell their payment rights that they have received as a result of a lawsuit or personal injury.

    Johnathon Davis U.S.A.
    1 8 1 3
  • NorthSide is Denmark’s fastest growing music festival with an international music profile. The festival is located in the heart of Aarhus, and distinguishes itself by being urban. NorthSide wanted a new, unique, and simple visual identity that could easily be stored in the memory of the target audience, of which nearly 60 % are women. The site is designed in order to support NorthSides brand as a modern festival with a strong identity awareness by making use of few but striking colors and a large typography.

    Gejst Studio DENMARK
    5 6 6 7
  • An easy way to experience Sydney's best attractions - giving travellers access to local information, and the local industry access to the world’s visitors.

    Digital Garden AUSTRALIA
    8 8 8 8
  • Consulenza Web Marketing per indicizzazione, visibilità siti internet, posizionamento nei motori di ricerca e pubblicità su Google. Blog con news integrato.

    Vale Riccione ITALY
    5 5 4 4
1 2 3