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Dejan Mauzer

Dejan Mauzer


Working as Art Director @ DW Interacive in Stockholm. Love design in all forms.

  • Responsive WordPress Theme

    pixelthrone PORTUGAL
    8 3 6 5
  • Drummonds design & sell hand-crafted baths, showers, basins & WCs, helping create some of the most beautiful bathrooms in the world.

    Flow Digital UNITED KINGDOM
    4 4 4 4
  • 361° - ONE DEGREE MORE

    Patrick Binder GERMANY
    7 7 5 5
  • We are a new and very young Web Agency based in Switzerland. Our main activity is about making websites (optimized for mobiles and tablets) and also create eLearning solutions for schools and universities.

    6 8 5 6
  • The “Taylor Bruce Design Partnership” site is a device agnostic, responsive design that is uncluttered and showcased client work. This is accomplished this by the use images arranged in a responsive tiled layout, each representing a client project. CSS3 transitions along with JavaScript was used throughout the site and used to ease each project tile into view as the page is first presented. Page resizing causes the project tiles to reposition using the popular masonry layout animation. The image size and image aspect ratio was an important design element that allowed the main slideshow portfolio of each project to be visible “above the fold” yet still allowed each thumbnail image to completely fill the screen of smaller mobile devices. A Joomla extension (SobiPro) allowed each project to be categorized and presented by category, allowed for the automatic generation of “related projects” links, and additionally allowed each to be assigned to multiple categories. SobiPro also facilitated the By Client view, allowing dynamic assembly and presentation of the entire list of projects for a given client. This site went live in February 1st, 2013.

    Taylor Bruce Design Partnership U.S.A.
    8 9 4 6
  • Web Agency

    Sukwoo Lee CANADA
    4 4 4 4
1 2 3