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Bring Web Experts to Your Desktop! Online Web Performance Summit 2012

  • August 20
  • By awwwards-team
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Web Performance Summit 2012 will take place on August 29th, 2012. Organized annually for three years by Environments for Humans, the conference is a one-day, live, online-only conference, intended for designers and web professionals. It will deal with various topics and offer pointers, such as improving the experience for visitors, considerations and solutions for mobile platforms, and the latest techniques for traffic and search engine optimization used by some of the most visited sites on the Internet.

Bring the experts to your desktop

Web Performance Summit

About the sessions and Speakers

The summit has some real luxury speakers, magnificent experts on current web topics such as:

Web Performance Summit Speakers Web Performance Program Buy In by Billy Hoffman, Founder and CEO of Zoompf
Web Performance Summit Speakers Image Optimization by Sergey Chernyshev, Web Technologist
Web Performance Summit Speakers Lo-Dash for a Better Utility Belt by John-David Dalton, Co-Maintainer of
Web Performance Summit Speakers Don't Break the Mobile Web by Estelle Weyl, Author of HTML5 and CSS3 in the Real World
Web Performance Summit Speakers High-Performance Social Plugins by Stoyan Stefanov, Frontend Engineer
RWD Summit Speakers Performance Implications of Mobile Web Design by Guy Podjarny, Web Performance Researcher and Evangelist

Purchase your tickets now! This is a great event that we highly recommend here at Awwwards.

RWD Summit Tickets

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