Awwwards - Blog Latests posts Sat, 01 Aug 2015 11:55:13 +0200 <![CDATA[30 Great Websites with Parallax Scrolling]]> The parallax effect has been around for years in classic video games, but it became a trend in the web design world. This cool effect is now commonly...]]> Thu, 30 Jul 2015 04:06:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Free eBook: The Guide to Interactive Wireframing]]> One of the dozens of free design e-books by UXPin, this guide explains everything you need to know to build simpler yet more powerful wireframes and...]]> Tue, 28 Jul 2015 13:23:00 +0200 <![CDATA[4 Creative Navigation UI Patterns for Great UX]]> It doesn’t matter how good your website is if users can’t find their way around it. Photo credit: Pattern Tap In this post, we’ll help...]]> Wed, 22 Jul 2015 19:31:00 +0200 <![CDATA[How a Simple Landing Page Can Drastically Change the Face of your Business]]> If you pick any 5 successful websites and try and figure out why they’re thriving, a great landing page is sure to be one of the main reasons...]]> Wed, 22 Jul 2015 13:37:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Meet Born05: An Utrecht based digital agency]]> Every agency wants to be unique, not like the rest. But in trying so hard to do this, we all end up exactly the same (no exceptions). The...]]> Mon, 20 Jul 2015 13:53:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Why Responsive Design Support is the Most Important Feature You Can Add To Your Website]]> Different websites will have different needs and will therefore require different features to be added that are important to the success of those sites....]]> Wed, 15 Jul 2015 14:32:38 +0200 <![CDATA[Digging into the Front-end Design Trends of 2015]]> There was no bifurcation among the front-end or the back-end developers until the arrival of the web. We had C, Pascal and Fortran programmers...]]> Mon, 13 Jul 2015 10:34:12 +0200 <![CDATA[Legwork Studio winner of the Site of the Month for June!]]> First of all we want to thank all of you who voted, many of you are enjoying your well deserved vacations but once again found time to help us award the...]]> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 13:08:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Interview with Claudio Guglieri - Independent Product Designer & Creative Director]]> Claudio Guglieri is an independent product designer and creative director living in San Francisco. Claudio has been responsible for directing and executing...]]> Fri, 03 Jul 2015 13:07:17 +0200 <![CDATA[Latest Updates and Resources by Web Designer News]]> Users submit lots of interesting stuff on every week, showing quality content from around the web. By checking what is posted on Webdesigner...]]> Thu, 02 Jul 2015 18:59:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Vote now for June's Site of the Month!]]> Although many of you are on vacation, the six best projects of June need your help. Check their websites and vote for your favourite to win the SOTM title....]]> Wed, 01 Jul 2015 12:45:05 +0200 <![CDATA[Learn Web Design Trends Playing Cards! Find Out How to Get your Deck]]> Today we are offering you the opportunity to win 1 of 10 exclusive packs of playing cards that illustrate 10 years of web design history. The cards...]]> Tue, 30 Jun 2015 17:30:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Amsterdam & New York revealed as the chosen cities for the Awwwards Conferences 2016]]> It's the moment we've all been waiting for! In 2016 we will offer you not one but two Awwwards Conferences. For two days the buzzing cities of Amsterdam...]]> Tue, 30 Jun 2015 13:27:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Mattia Cacciatori: The visual web is here, and here to stay.]]> Mattia Cacciatori is a talented young photographer from the creative digital agency AQuest. At...]]> Mon, 29 Jun 2015 17:08:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Meet Cartelle]]> Cartelle is a digital creative studio from Amsterdam founded in 2009. They are a Dutch­American duo that produce innovative...]]> Fri, 26 Jun 2015 15:18:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Free eBook: Interaction Design Best Practices (Words, Visuals, Space)]]> Interaction Design Best Practices, Book 1 by UXPin dives into the art and science behind some of today’s most memorable interaction designs. Whether...]]> Thu, 25 Jun 2015 16:00:39 +0200 <![CDATA[7 Top mistakes you make while writing CSS for WordPress theme]]> With a plethora of themes available for your WP site, experimenting with the look and feel of your website won't be a daunting task anymore. Just get on...]]> Tue, 23 Jun 2015 13:50:04 +0200 <![CDATA[Trendy Web Color Palettes and Material Design Color Schemes & Tools]]> A few weeks ago, Matt DesLauriers @mattdesl, a graphics programmer working at Jam3, showed us an interesting development carried out on our platform. As...]]> Fri, 19 Jun 2015 17:19:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Mastering UI Patterns for Smarter Design]]> Any discussion of UI design will always return to UI patterns. As described in the free e-book Web Design for the Human Eye, UI patterns originate as...]]> Tue, 16 Jun 2015 16:27:00 +0200 <![CDATA[UncleGrey and MediaMonks win May's SOTM with Weber - BBQ Cultures!]]> A handful of votes, that's what made Weber - BBQ Cultures May's SOTM. Three intense months of tight collaboration between Weber, Unclegrey and Media...]]> Mon, 15 Jun 2015 20:26:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Free eBook: Principles of UI Design Consistency]]> The Principles of UI Design Consistency by UXPin explains how to strike the difficult balance between a creative design and a highly usable design....]]> Wed, 10 Jun 2015 11:55:16 +0200 <![CDATA[Case study: HUGE]]> Huge has always stood for simplicity in design: “Less, but better.” So to kick off 2014, we continued to apply this principle...]]> Tue, 09 Jun 2015 11:39:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Marketing You™]]> In a single name or image, a memorable brand can evoke consumer loyalty, guarantees of quality, and a sense of product or service familiarity with little...]]> Mon, 08 Jun 2015 12:45:43 +0200 <![CDATA[Interview with Julian Shapiro]]> Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve used one of Julian Shapiro’s projects by now.From Velocity.js -the fast animation engine that makes...]]> Thu, 04 Jun 2015 19:56:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Top Digital Agencies in California: Interactive Design from the West Coast]]> California is one of the most culturally, imaginatively, and technologically diverse regions of our planet. There, the last few decades have witnessed...]]> Wed, 03 Jun 2015 17:06:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Vote now for the Site of the Month for May!]]> Six contendants for only one title! It's your turn to vote for the Site of The Month. If you haven't seen the nominees better check their sites, they'll...]]> Mon, 01 Jun 2015 16:30:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Developing an Effective Strategy for Your Web Project]]> When trying to design a great website it is very easy to focus on making something aesthetically pleasing while forgetting to make sure that the website...]]> Thu, 28 May 2015 19:03:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Free eBook: The Curated Collection of Web Design Techniques (Cards & Minimalism)]]> As part of the Curated Collection of Web UI Design Techniques, this free ebook on Cards & Minimalism by wireframing & prototyping app UXPin explains...]]> Wed, 27 May 2015 13:02:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Introducing]]> If you want to succeed in this industry, then you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest news, trends, apps, and resources. But, with...]]> Tue, 26 May 2015 14:07:47 +0200 <![CDATA[Why Attraction Matters for Interaction Design]]> There’s no denying that visuals are important to interaction design, but exactly how important may surprise you. Source: BushrenzWhile visual representation...]]> Thu, 21 May 2015 16:38:49 +0200