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Bertrand Berlureau

Bertrand Berlureau


Web designer, Art Director & UI/UX Designer from Caussade (fr)

  • Portfolio of Basile Tournier, Digital Art Director & Filmmaker

    Basile Tournier FRANCE
    7 8 7 8
  • Teye explains its function from its perspective: likeable, personal and with a few surprises in store. Just like the physical device, the minimalistic design focuses on the essentials.

    denkwerk GERMANY
    7 7 7 8
  • DAN Paris is the digital agency of disruption. We are an idea company using innovation and technology to disrupt market conventions.

    danparis FRANCE
    8 8 9 9
  • What will the world be like in 20 years? Meet your future-self to find out!

    Publicis Conseil FRANCE
    8 8 9 8
  • Jonathan Entwistle directs this short romantic comedy, where viewers can interact to change the weather conditions, and alter the course of true love. The site is built in HTML5, and optimised for mobile devices.

    Stinkdigital UNITED KINGDOM
    8 7 9 9
  • In this 3-D real time WebGL site, we bring you a closer look at the highly anticipated Fox Searchlight film, Birdman. The story follows the tale of Riggan (Michael Keaton), once an iconic superhero, struggling to reclaim his past glory. By combining audio and visuals, we allow the users to think and act like Birdman while gaining access to never before seen content. The site features a motion-centric bevy of impactful quotes on a background of GIF-form clips, all taken directly from the film and shareable on various social media sites. Through meaningful copy and carefully selected visuals, we are able to give the user an experiential peek inside the mind of a man desperate to matter.

    Watson/DG U.S.A.
    7 7 8 8
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