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Andrea Ripamonti

Andrea Ripamonti


Student / Photographer and other abilities are in development

  • I’m 21 year old designer and college student living in Brescia, a city in northern Italy. My work is focused principally on UI and branding design. This is my personal portfolio and my little journal.

    Michele Mazzucco ITALY
    9 9 9 9
  • The Windows of New York project is a weekly illustrated fix for an obsession that has increasingly grown in me since chance put me in this town. A product of countless steps of journey through the city streets, this is a collection of windows that somehow have caught my restless eye out from the never-ending buzz of the city. This project is part an ode to architecture and part a self-challenge to never stop looking up.

    Jose Guizar U.S.A.
    10 10 10 10
  • Cordwainer & Leather Craftsmen

    Guvnor Co AUSTRALIA
    10 9 9 10
  • Graduate professional with proven experience in managing and/or actively collaborating on projects: multi-platform, UX, on-line and off-line creation facing numerous industry areas, with great attention to detail and deadline, meeting and interpreting aspects related to the creation and the development of the project from start to finish by applying business concepts and product promotion, with technical, artistic and scientific background. Specialization in full e-commerce (briefing, layout, concept, product photo shoot, content, SEO, campaign, results). Extensive experience with landing pages and lead generation (creation, oversight and completion of the campaign execution - briefings, banners, email marketing, landing pages).

    Ronaldo Cardoso BRAZIL
    6 6 6 6
  • Brought to you by B&C Designers, this responsive site has a app-like feeling with triple scrolling ability and a sleek project view. Simple, classic, and unique.

    B&C Designers U.S.A.
    9 8 9 9
  • Site of innovate company that makes smart wear for milk. One page, with flexible design. ^_^

    novado RUSSIA
    10 9 10 9
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