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Yoosef Alidoost

Yoosef Alidoost


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  • Primal invites you to share your deepest feelings by screaming in front of your computer or your mobile device’s camera. By participating in Primal, you contribute to creating an eternal scream. This scream is the unwinding of the most intense emotions and the most basic instincts, including joy, surprise, anger, fear, hatred or passion. Primal is the result of a meeting between Canadian and Argentine artists who combined their skills to create a virtual space where everyone can scream without restraint. Through Primal, you can also explore the life, environment and reality of six young people in Quebec and Argentina who boldly participated in this screaming game. Primal is a surprising new collaborative and interactive experience from Montreal’s NFB team and Encuentro, the Ministry of Education’s television channel in Argentina.

    NFB/ Canal Encuentro/Atelier Folklore CANADA
    8 7 8 7
  • La ligne rouge is a documentary about the importance of hockey for Quebec’s First Nations. The website presents the characters and the making-of from the filmmaker perspective.

    Akufen CANADA
    9 8 6 10
  • After 25 years of success, the festival Coup de Cœur Francophone owed it to itself to revamp its image to reflect its well deserved place as a front runner in Montreal's emergent music scene. In order to do so, we reworked their branding, developed a new website and created installations in the metro which featured live music... A modern and graphic look, juxtaposed to playful illustrations, all the while still being edgy.

    akufen CANADA
    8 7 6 6
  • The elves have stolen all the lights of Sherbyville's gigantic tree. This website serves as a fundraiser

    Lubie CANADA
    8 7 8 7
  • Drive alignment and engagement around the work that matters most by bringing S.M.A.R.T. goals and OKRs into the connected age. Track progress with ongoing visibility and accountability to move your business at Google speed.

    Alex Chan U.S.A.
    9 8 6 7
  • La mejor seleccion en zapatos de mujer, sandalias de fiesta, zapatos de tacón, y mucho más. tu tienda especializada en zapatos de moda.

    Diego Ontiveros SPAIN
    6 8 6 9
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