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Alice Laurel

Alice Laurel

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  • ifour is an innovative design agency with a proven track record and a reputation for delivering intelligent business solutions with inspiration and integrity.

    ifour design agency UNITED KINGDOM
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  • This vibrant CMS website has clear navigation that whizzes you along the pages horizontally. The smooth transitioning takes you on a journey as you link from page to page to find branded information graphics full of colour and hidden animation all used to highlight key points of business, stats or just to reinforce the networking that is so crucial to Sentinel. We were also commissioned to create a mobile version of the site, to enable great viewing across all smart phones utilising the best design for the device. If you have a smart phone, take a look, we think its pretty smooth!

    ifour design agency UNITED KINGDOM
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  • The team came to us with only a great social enterprise scheme but lacking any form of identity. They needed everything, from logo, through to full stationery pack, promotional items, advertising campaign and full CMS-driven website that they could update themselves.

    ifour design agency UNITED KINGDOM
    10 10 10 9